Tips When Choosing A Diamond Ring

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Choosing a diamond ring can be daunting because you certainly do not want to be duped. The key to choosing diamond rings is to be educated beyond the usual 4 C’s that mean cut, carat, colour and clarity. While the 4 C’s is pretty straightforward, it is not enough to tell you the full story of the diamond ring’s physical beauty.

How the diamond stone is cut is the biggest factor that determines its beauty. The better the way it was cut, the better will be the brilliance and sparkle of the valuable stone. When the GIA system is used in assessing diamond, there is a classification according to grade from excellent, very good, good, fair and poor.

Most people will assume that when a diamond has a GIA classification of tripleexcellent; it is already the best cut. However, while the GIA grading system provides a fairly good assessment of the stone’s brilliance, there is also a wide range of proportions that exist in the triple excellent classification. To put it simply, 2 diamonds that are triple excellent do not actually look the same because there are subtle differences in proportions and facet alignment that will affect the way the stone interacts with light.

The problem is further aggravated when the diamonds are viewed in strong light inside the jewellery shop. The jewellery store uses a lighting system that tends to make jewellery look amazing to sell better. However, this usually becomes the common pitfall for buyers of diamonds because even the worst cut will sparkle beautifully.

If you are untrained in the choice of diamonds, it would be difficult to differentiate an excellent cut from a poor cut. The diamond may lose it sparkle once you leave the store premises. When you have a specific grade of diamond in mind, it will help you narrow down the search list.

However, the choice for a diamond ring in Thailand is not about numbers and ratings but your personal preference. There is a simple philosophy that you can follow. Appreciate the diamond for its beauty and rarity and not according to amount of money you paid for the valuable stone.

How To Book Cheaper 5 Star Resort In Hua Hin

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Booking at a 5 star resort in Hua Hin may sound like you would need a fortune to enjoy the luxuries found therein. But the truth is, you can live like a monarch for a day or two without spending beyond your means. You only have to be financially creative in order to get that relaxation that you deserve. Here are some tips that you can actually refer to.

  • Book in advance. Aside from the assurance that you will have an accommodation on the day that you need it, you get higher chance of getting the hotel accommodation at a much lower price. Hotel room rates vary. One factor is when you book the room. For instance, hotel room rates are cheaper during off season and are much higher in rates during peak season. Peak season also vary from one country or area to another so it would be best to find out when the peak seasons are for a particular area. In addition, doing advance booking allows you to get automatic discounts from 5 star resort in Hua Hin compared to booking on the spot or a day before your actual travel.
  • Look for hotel deals. No matter how abundant your resources are, you would still want to find out if there is a way for you to lower your overall expenses. Ask the hotel manager if they have promo or deals to offer or you can check the hotel’s website and click on the deals tab to get more information. However, it would still be best to send an email to the manager because chances are, they would offer the best accommodation that they have at a much lower price.All you have to do is send out the communication and earn savings.
  • Ask for membership discounts. There are hotels that offer discounts to members of certain organizations or sectors in the society such as teachers and educators, members of fraternities and sororities and many more. Whenever you travel and book at a 5 star resort in Hua Hin, inquire for membership discounts and be ready with your identification card as it would be presented upon check in.

Art In The Preparation And Presentation Of Japanese Food

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The Japanese treat food preparation as an art. Even the simplest dishes are meticulously prepared and presented to ensure that it is an extremely delicious offering. It is very obvious that the Japanese are passionate about food with the way they invest efforts and time to proudly serve their local dishes. Good thing that there are Japanese restaurants even in cities like Bangkok that allows us a taste of the famous Japanese cuisine without the need to travel to the country.


Japan has four distinct seasons with each of the seasons providing an opportunity for delicious offerings. The diverse range of Japanese food is very evident in supermarkets, hotels, inns and restaurants where menus are consistently changed in order to reflect what is available for the season.

While it is indeed a struggle to name the countless varieties of seaweeds, fishes and mushrooms on the store shelves, there is no shortage of people who order the small dishes that contain as much as 12 artfully presented courses that are either steamed, grilled or simmered. On top of the list of the frequently ordered Japanese dishes is sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish like salmon or tuna served on top of shredded radish along with wasabi and soy sauce. In high end restaurants, the fresh tuna is prepared and served right before your very eyes.

Another traditional Japanese dish that is easily recognized all over the world is sushi which is a combination of Japanese rice, seaweeds, cucumber, vegetables and other fresh ingredients. There is a certain art in the preparation and presentation of sushi which reflects on the Japanese passion for traditional cuisine.

Japanese food has now reached a stage where it is available in different restaurants all over the world. There are Japanese-inspired restaurants that are certainly worth a second look because of the special Japanese menus that are served for lunch and dinner.

Eating in Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet is both about experience and food. Food is meticulously prepared to echo authentic flavours and capture the essence of Japan’s four seasons. The Japanese restaurant in Bangkok offers a unique experience with exceptionally good value, delicious food and great service.

Checklist Before Moving Into Apartments In Yangon Myanmar

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The Asia Pacific Region is a big collection of nations which have their respective tourist destinations that have tourists, both local and foreign tourists, flocking into them every peak seasons. The tourism in tis busy part of the planet has always been up and active owing to the fact that each member of the region can offer something unique in terms of vast history, deep culture, or beautiful beaches which will make you feel like you’re in a paradise elsewhere. Now, one of the countries in Asia which you should consider for your next vacation is Myanmar, specifically the city of Yangon. For starters, Yangon is considered as the largest city in the country. Due to its being a former colony of Great Britain, you can see some familiar British architectural structures in the city to blend in with the modernized high-rising buildings around the city. For tourist who are working on a very limited vacation budget, there are a great number of budget-friendly apartments in Yangon Myanmar which you can stay in both for a short period and long term stay.


Now, let’s say that you are going to work in the city of Yangon for a long period of time and you need a room in one of those apartments in Yangon Myanmar. You always have to keep in mind that in choosing which apartment you will choose, your comfort and safety are two important factors you should consider because like it or not, transferring from one apartment to another can be really expensive not to mention, the hassle that comes with it. Below are some of the things you must check before you move in any of the apartments in Yangon Myanmar:

  • Conduct general checks both in the inside and outside of the apartment that you are considering. Make sure that the building doesn’t have any signs that it has been infested by insects or rodents. Check the functionality of power outlets in the room.
  • The next step you should do is to ensure your safety while inside the apartment. Make sure that there’s a fire extinguisher visible in any part of the building. Also, look for the fire escape.

Holiday In Thailand Can Either Be Cheap Or Luxurious

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If you want to enjoy a holiday on budget, the best place to go to is Thailand where you get the most value from your dollar. Thailand is a country where you can find $3 dollars a night rooms and eat street food for pennies. However, when you travel with family or friends for a limited time frame there is a big difference depending on how long you choose to stay in the country and how you spend the holiday.

When it is a brief vacation, you tend to hurry so that you can visit as many tourist attractions are possible. This can easily drive up the costs of your holiday. It is easier to budget for an average amount of expenses for a month instead of a week or two. Your holiday expenses can also be affected by how much booze you want to consume in the bars and whether you prefer to stay on a nice beach resort or a budget accommodation in Bangkok.

When time is limited, you want to travel faster. You take a plane to the islands instead of the public trains that are plying the route. You over indulge yourself in well-known restaurants because you do not have the time to try the floating markets or street food. You miss out on the fun eating traditional Thai food because there was a crowd at the food stalls and you want something that is quick and convenient.

Making your money last is no longer an issue because you want to cram as many activities as possible in a day. Instead of shopping at the Pratunam District that is known for cheap items, you shop at the mall that is filled with everything that is fashionable and expensive.

If you are a budget traveller, you can take the train and avoid the expensive restaurants. You can opt to stay at a budget accommodation in Bangkok instead of the classy and luxurious resort hotels. The budget hotel offers guests good value at a price that will surprise even the most price-conscious tourist or business traveller. It is just a heartbeat away from the popular destinations in Bangkok.

How To Add Favicon To WordPress

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A favicon is also known as a web icon, shortcut icon, URL icon, tab icon or bookmark icon. It is a file which can contain one or more smaller icons and they are normally associated with a particular web page or website. You can tell that you are looking at a favicon as it is a graphic that measures 16 x 16 pixels are can be found on web browsers, URL bars and tabs and they are also used in mobile devices. A favicon can also be used in WordPress and if you want to add favicon to WordPress, you need to create a favicon first then add it to your site.

How to Create a Favicon

You can create a favicon by using a graphic that you prefer or you can make use of an image editing software such as GIMP. Choose an image that is relevant to your content and your line of business. To create a favicon, take the following steps:

  1. Choose an image or graphic then place it inside a square.
  2. Resize the image. Make sure that you are using 16 x 16 pixels.
  3. Save the file as favicon.ico.

Adding Favicon to WordPress

To add favicon to WordPress does not require special or above average computer and technical skills. You just have to follow simple instructions and even refer to online tutorials or blogsites for instructions. Here are step by step guide for adding favicon to WordPress.

  1. Got to your WordPress. Choose and click the Administration Screen.
  2. Choose and click the Appearance option.
  3. Click the Theme Editor.
  4. To edit the file, choose and click Header or header php.
  5. When you get to the Header option, find out if there is a code that starts with <link rel=”shortcut icon and ends with /favicon.ico” />. If there is, overwrite it then add favicon to WordPress below the <head>HTML
  6. Lastly, save the changes then click refresh to see the if the favicon were added to your WordPress and if the steps were functional.
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