The Carnival At Jemaa El Fnna When Daytime Turns To Dusk

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Jemaa el Fnaa is a marketplace in Marrakesh old city (medina) where both locals and tourists converge. During the day, the marketplace is occupied by stalls and snake charmers but before night fall, all the crazy stuff happens. The environment changes as the square becomes more crowded with Chleuh dancing boys, magicians, storytellers and vendors selling traditional medicines. As darkness falls, more food stalls appear from nowhere catering to both the locals and tourists.

Jemaa el Fnaa is an active concentration of different activities to showcase Morocco’s cultural traditions but it seems to be relatively safe because of discreet police presence. The spectacle of Jemaa el Fnaa is repeated everyday and it has become on one of the symbols of Marrakesh. All throughout the day as well as into the night, the square becomes the meeting place of the local population and people who come from all parts of the world.

There is no place like Jemaa el Fnaa in Morocco and we felt like interlopers because most of the crowds were local Moroccans. We were on a rooftop terrace looking down at the wonderful spectacle that looks so strange in our civilized world. I had this feeling of being in the center of a carnival of magicians, story tellers and acrobats amidst the circle of onlookers who will give a dirham or two for the experience. If you are ready for your hands and legs to be painted, you can take advantage of the henna tattoos which the artists claim will last from two to three months.

Refreshments were freshly squeezed grapefruit if you do not want the adulterated orange juice that is being peddled around the square. Dates and dried figs were in abundance which according to claims was picked up at dawn from the surrounding countryside. With dusk, the square smells like an enormous dining hall with stalls lit by gas lanterns selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.

I never imagined that there are places left in this world that are not tarnished with modern technology except by visitors like me who were all taking souvenir photographs through DSLR cameras.

Reasons To Have Koh Samui In Your Thailand Bucket List

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Thailand is really a great country to travel to. There are a lot of places to see in Thailand, including the vibrant capital Bangkok, the mountainous province of Chiang Mai and of course, the stunning islands the country is famous for like Phuket and Koh Lipe.

For you next visit to Thailand, I recommend going to Koh Samui. This island is located in the east coast, and it has a real natural beauty, beautiful beaches, great shopping and delicious Thai food.

Reasons to visit Koh Samui

Pristine beaches

Koh Samui has several of the most pristine and gorgeous beaches. If you choose to stay at Chaweng, the Chaweng beach is very accessible. There is no need to go further for a secluded beach spot, since this 5 kilometre stretch is not too crowded even on a busy day.

If you want a piece of paradise, you can head over to Ban Tai beach that is near the Maenam village, or you can go to the Coral Cove Beach.

Access to many nearby islands

This is another winning point of Koh Samui. Koh Phangan, which is famous for full moon parties, and Koh Tao, a superb diving destination, are both only a ferry ride from the island.


Koh Samui is a haven for shopping. When you are in Koh Samui on Fridays, you can head to the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street at night. You can find a lot of market stalls which offer various products, from carved soaps to cheap clothing to street food.

You can also go to Lamai Night Plaza, Bophut Plaza, Maenam Walking Street and Chaweng Walking Street.

Delicious Thai food

You can never really get enough of pad thai or tom yum or Thailand’s famous mango sticky rice. Koh Samui also has numerous restaurants for your taste.

Unique attractions

Of course, you don’t just go to the island and stay at your boutique hotel in Samui. There are a handful of other things to do. You can visit historical and cultural sites, such as the Big Buddha or the Na Muang Waterfalls.


There is really so much Koh Samui has to offer. So, go ahead and check this amazing island out!

How To Buy Affordable Women’s Surf Swimwear

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Beach lovers and surfers alike would need a good supply of womens surf swimwear to support their hobby. They would need high quality swimwear that could withstand the tough demands of swimming and surfing. If you are one of the water and waves enthusiasts and lovers, then it would not come as a surprise if you would look for swimsuits for the upcoming summer. However, not all swimsuits in the market are of good quality and those that are built to last can be quite pricey. To get a good set of swimwear without ruining your budget, take a look at these helpful tips:

Buy during off Season

Summer is when everyone wants to hit it off with the beach and with high demand of swimsuits, you can be sure that their prices would sky rocketing. To avoid the shock of your life, buy swim wears when they are least in demand such as during winter or Christmas season. Because really, who would want to swim the seas when the water is freezing cold? During rainy or winter season, you’d be surprised at how shops lower the prices of winter gear and wear.

Search for good deals

One of the proven and tested ways to get womens surf swimwear is to look for good deals online. Discount items are one best ways to get high quality swim wear at a much lower price than its original price. You should also be on the lookout for clearance sale, end of season sale and other similar marketing strategies to dispose standing stocks in the market. You can also lower the costs of swimwear if you would buy the items at wholesale. Online sellers would usually provide discounts to those who purchase higher item quantities.

Shop around

To get a good catch, do not buy impulsively even if you are looking at your dream womens surf swimwear. Take some time to look around and visit different online stores and sellers to broaden your choice and also to increase your chance of finding items that are put on sale.

The Five C’s Of White Gold Vs. Platinum

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So, consider these 5 c’s of white gold versus platinum.

Aside from considering the 4 c’s of diamonds – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight – there are many people asking if a diamond should be set in white gold or platinum.

Colour and Care

For a white gold to get its silvery white colour, it is mixed with yellow gold, or alloyed with other white metal/s like silver or nickel. Therefore, this means there is no “pure white gold.” Sometimes, it has a rhodium coating for a shinier and whiter finish. It must be re-dipped every several years in order to retain its shine and colour, and to replace the rhodium plating; or it is going to revert back to yellow gold. Many jewellers offer this service free of charge.

Platinum has that natural greyish white colour. For it to be purchased, it needs to have a minimum of 90% to 95% platinum; otherwise, it is just regarded as platinum alloy. The colour of platinum doesn’t fade over time. However, the shiny finish is going to dull. It can be shined professionally, too, like white gold.


The huge benefit of white gold in comparison to platinum is its cost. Platinum is rarer, and it is mined lesser than gold. In each year, only 160 tons are mined compared 1,500 tons for gold. Platinum is also denser compared to gold, which means a ring is going to weigh more in platinum. It is easier to understand that white gold setting is half as much as platinum.


Many of the white gold engagement rings come in 18K or 14K versions. The former is 75% pure gold, while the latter is 58.3% pure gold. When the carat amount is higher, the gold content is purer. However, this also means the metal is less durable. Gold at 24K is too soft for mounting jewellery. It needs to be alloyed with some other metal to harden it.

Platinum is durable, stronger and heavier compared to gold. Aside from it affecting price, one should consider if they want a heavier or lighter ring.


Gold symbolizes divinity, wisdom and wealth. Aside from this, it is the traditional metal used in engagement and wedding bands. Since this doesn’t tarnish through time, it symbolizes the eternal vows among a couple.

However, platinum is now becoming a new symbol of prestige and wealth.


In sum, whether it be white gold engagement rings or platinum engagement rings, this is still a matter of personal taste. Hopefully, the information above helps with the decision.

Advantages Of Car Signage In Sydney Over Paint

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Paint is the usual base of vehicles. However, if you will not do anything, your car would look like any other cars parked in a parking area. You need to memorize your plate number in order not to confuse your car with other cars parked in the area. To make your car stand out, have it designed with car signage in Sydney instead of keeping it as it is in its old, usual paint. Here are some advantages of using car signage over paint.

Quick application

Compared to paint, car signage can be applied in lesser time. Car signage can be done manually or it can also be done through digital printing. A digitally printed car signage can weather heavy rains and scorching sunlight and it is also proven to be sturdy and long lasting. To ensure the longevity of car signage, make sure that the ink used in printing is of high quality. You can also have it laminated to prolong the signage’s life. With car signage, you don’t have to wait for it to dry up unlike paint but the results remain to be smashing.

Effective for business branding

Some of the common users of car signage in Sydney are commercial establishments especially those that have delivery as part of their services. The good thing about putting your brand name on your service vehicle is that you get free advertisement for your brand and you get higher customer reach since the vehicle is mobile. If you would design your car with the right decals and you use your brand colour and logo, there is an increased chance for your customers to remember your brand.

Cost effective

Compared to having an overall repainting job, a car signage in Sydney is generally proven cheaper. To know how much you are going to pay for a vehicle wrapping job, call a car signage company today and request for a cost estimate. To get price comparison, ask for quotes from different service providers. Apart from the price, notice how fast and efficient the quote was.

Why Choose Platinum Removalists And Storage In Sydney

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To move to a new house can be an inconvenience. Aside that it takes time; packing and moving your things can be stressful and tiring. However, there are ways to make the burden lighter and that is by accessing services from Platinum Removalists and Storage in Sydney. Apart from helping you move your furniture and belongings, the company can also provide storage space for items that may not fit in your new home. You can also make use of storage space if you have furniture and items that are no longer needed or are not needed as of the moment such as baby crib when your baby is already a toddler or ski and winter gadgets when it is summer season. With all the removalists that you can find in Sydney, here are some of the reasons why you should prefer Platinum Removalists.

Fast and free cost estimates

One of the things that you would want to avoid is to getting surprised with high bill for the packing and moving service. To prevent such a scenario, look for a service provider that offers free and fast cost estimate. This way, you will know how much you are going to budget for the removalists. You will also have time to save up if ever your money is not enough on the indicated amount on the quote. Avoid companies that ask for fees for quotes when other packers and removalists offer the service for free.

Professional handling

To determine if the removalist such as Platinum Removalists and Storage in Sydney is professional in dealing with their prospects and customers, notice how fast they respond to their customers’ quote request. A professional removalist would arrive on time based on the scheduled time.

Affordable service

Moving to a new location can tiring and rates of Platinum Removalists and Storage in Sydney should not add to the stress. Find a removalist that can pack and move your furniture at a reaosnable price. Moving to a new house may require home renovation or repair so you wouldn’t want additional expenses to ruin your budget.

How To Choose Beach Villa In Thailand

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Every once in a while, you need to pamper yourself and your loved ones with the luxury you deserve for all the hard work and successes. To celebrate, a luxurious beach villa in Thailand that overlooks azure beach and the lush mountains would just be perfect. With all the breathtaking beaches in Thailand, you will not have a hard time finding a beach villa that would suit your impeccable taste. To help you with the decision making, take a look at the following tips.

Comforts of home

Although you are literally miles away from home, you don’t want to miss the feeling of actually being home, do you? Because of this, find a beach villa in Thailand that closely resembles the feeling of being home while enjoying the perks of being in a posh holiday hotel. If you want to cook, there are kitchen amenities and utensils that you can make use of complete with all the appliances that would make cooking an easier and more convenient experience. You should also choose a villa with spacious rooms and living area to allow ease of mobility especially if you have kids with you.

Relaxing view and amenities

You go for a holiday tour to relax. Therefore, choose a hotel in Thailand with villas that could provide the relaxation you need and deserve. Look for a place with spacious sundeck where you can laze in the afternoon and watch the sunset or watch the stars at night with your family. You can also do yoga on the sundeck or catch a few laps on a nice personal swimming pool located right at your doorstep. To top it all, find a villa in Thailand where you will feel closer to nature.

Affordable price

To experience all the comforts of home and the luxury of a hotel doesn’t mean you would bust your savings.  For sure, there is a beach villa in Thailand that is surprisingly affordable if you would just do a little research. You can ask for cost estimates or you can visit different hotels for comparison purposes.

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