The Carnival At Jemaa El Fnna When Daytime Turns To Dusk

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Jemaa el Fnaa is a marketplace in Marrakesh old city (medina) where both locals and tourists converge. During the day, the marketplace is occupied by stalls and snake charmers but before night fall, all the crazy stuff happens. The environment changes as the square becomes more crowded with Chleuh dancing boys, magicians, storytellers and vendors selling traditional medicines. As darkness falls, more food stalls appear from nowhere catering to both the locals and tourists.

Jemaa el Fnaa is an active concentration of different activities to showcase Morocco’s cultural traditions but it seems to be relatively safe because of discreet police presence. The spectacle of Jemaa el Fnaa is repeated everyday and it has become on one of the symbols of Marrakesh. All throughout the day as well as into the night, the square becomes the meeting place of the local population and people who come from all parts of the world.

There is no place like Jemaa el Fnaa in Morocco and we felt like interlopers because most of the crowds were local Moroccans. We were on a rooftop terrace looking down at the wonderful spectacle that looks so strange in our civilized world. I had this feeling of being in the center of a carnival of magicians, story tellers and acrobats amidst the circle of onlookers who will give a dirham or two for the experience. If you are ready for your hands and legs to be painted, you can take advantage of the henna tattoos which the artists claim will last from two to three months.

Refreshments were freshly squeezed grapefruit if you do not want the adulterated orange juice that is being peddled around the square. Dates and dried figs were in abundance which according to claims was picked up at dawn from the surrounding countryside. With dusk, the square smells like an enormous dining hall with stalls lit by gas lanterns selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.

I never imagined that there are places left in this world that are not tarnished with modern technology except by visitors like me who were all taking souvenir photographs through DSLR cameras.

4 Advantages Of Booking At Phuket Luxury Pool Villas

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If you are going on a vacation with your entire family of a large group of friends, Phuket luxury pool villas would be perfect for you. Here are some of the reasons why:


Private facilities

One of the main advantages of a pool villa is that you get exclusive use of amenities found therein. You don’t have to worry about someone else getting your favourite spot in the sun deck because you have the entire area for you and your companions. You can swim in your own pool and stay as long as you want or lounge on the Jacuzzi anytime without strangers sharing the space with you. With your own villa, you get private access to the beach or enjoy the sunset without people passing by. Most luxury villas are equipped with modern amenities such as media rooms, game consoles, pool tables, televisions and other facilities that would make your stay more enjoyable and fun.

You stay with your group  

When you rent one of those Phuket luxury pool villas, you and your companions stay together as a group under one roof. Pool villas come with a number of rooms depending on your choice. This is ideal for families with a number of kids with them. Parents can rest assured that everyone is within their reach ad they can check on the children anytime. If you are with a group, you no longer have to ring your friends when you need something from them or walk though lobbies to join the group.

Elite services

Luxury pool villas usually offer exclusive services to their guests such as a personal butler, private chef and exclusive and daily housekeeping services. With dedicated staff, you get better quality services during your stay.


Renting one of those Phuket luxury pool villas is more affordable compared to booking different rooms. With all the conveniences and extra perks that you can get, renting a villa is more economical and wise than choosing other accommodation options. Check from different resorts to find out where you can get the best value for your money.

3 Reasons To Buy Bunk Beds

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You can find a lot of reasons to have one of those bunk beds at home. If you would check on home magazines and websites, you will realize that bunk beds are commonly preferred by home owners and they are widely used in modern living spaces. Nowadays with the scarcity of space and spacious rooms come with high rentals, bunk beds would be a perfect solution.

Ideal for limited space

Bunk beds are suitable for big families who are living in limited living space. By using bunk beds, you can put two children in a room or if the room is spacious enough, you can set up two bunk beds to have four small children in one room. This way all your kids will have their own bed space instead of cramping up in one bed.


Because the makers of bunk beds save on materials, they can afford to offer bunk beds at a reasonable price. Some bunk beds can be converted into a sofa in such a way that they can be your bed at night and a sofa by day. Thus, you save money since you no longer have to buy different furniture for different purposes. There are bunk beds that can be easily assembled at home so you don’t have to worry about delivery fees or taking huge furniture home.


Another reason why bunk beds are in demand among contemporary families is because they can be used for different purposes. With limited space, the bunk beds can be used as a reading nook or a comfortable sofa where friends can be seated during movie marathons. If you have a sick elderly at home or you are taking care of somebody with health issues, you can sleep on the upper deck so you can easily check the person even in the middle of the night. Young individuals who are into home-base jobs can utilize the lower bunk and have the extra space as a work hub. There are just so many things you can do with bunk beds. Look for a reputable supplier to get your bunk bed today.

Plaster Masterpiece

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Man has experimented with what he can build and what he can build with since the days when he first discovered how to use tools. Given time, man found more creative uses for building materials; creating figures from wood, jewellery and decor from metals, sculptures from stones, even from plasters. Famous sculptures, murals, and other masterpieces exist, far too many for this entry; I do not have the time and energy to list them all, nor do I think you have the time and energy to read about them all.

Nevertheless, it is inspiring to think that such artistries were made with something as simple as water mixed with some lime, or cement. It’s nice for something to have so many useful applications; plaster is used for casts, dental models, and moulding, among other things. All the same, I would like to focus on the artistic use of plaster, as shown by this image I found.

This is a plaster relief of a tree, lining the circular wall of a staircase. What building this is in, I do not know, but if it is in a house, then I envy the owner. This beautiful, intricate piece shows a level of dedication that would make it, and the person who spent their time and effort to create it, stand out. The tree itself is 3-dimensional, with part of the trunk actually disconnecting from the wall behind, whilst the branches and leaves are all exquisitely detailed, making them feel rather lifelike. Even from the image’s somewhat distant viewpoint, you can see the distortions on the relief that look like the ones on actual, living trees out in the wild.

Another thing worth noting is that the relief does not “melt” into the wall, in that it doesn’t go straight into it, but follows the curvature. This is quite the bit of additional detail; which means that it took additional time and effort to do. Nevertheless, it adds to the beauty of this plaster art, and I give my utmost respect to the people behind it. Now, I wonder how much would it cost for plasterer in Sydney to do one?

Tips In Choosing Cremation Urns

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Choosing cremation urns may sound like an easy task but for one who lost a loved one, this can be a long and painful thing to do. The only consolation is that you can get high quality urns that will keep your loved one close to you at all times. In order to preserve your loved one’s memories, place the ashes on an area where it is safe and you can constantly see it. In a way, it would seem like you are still with your loved ones even if they have already left this world. Here are some tips that will guide you to the right urn.

Choose urn made of high quality materials

You want to be sure that the urn would hold the ashes of your loved ones firmly and securely. Thus, choose a cremation urn that is made of high quality materials such as brass, timber and good metal. This way, you can be sure that the ashes will remain safe inside the urn. In addition, you can place the urn in a Columbarium or a safe area in the house where it cannot be easily reached by children or pets.

Choose the well-crafted urns

Putting the ashes of your loved ones in high quality cremation urns with intricate designs is one way of honoring your loved one. Placing them in a safe container that displays beautiful ornamental, some of them are even hand-crafted, is one way of expressing your love and devotion to the person even if he or she is gone. There are beautifully designed urns on the internet that you can choose from. Some of them come in elegant colors that will make death and cremation a not so painful experience.

Choose on-time delivery

The urns used after cremation needs to be at the funeral parlor even before the ceremony starts. Thus, choose a cremation urn provider that delivers on time and hands the special urns to their customers in great care. Aside from exceptional service, the urns should be made available at affordable costs. You can find these service providers over the internet.

Qualities of Hotels In Bangkok: Best Places To Find The Perfect Accommodation For You

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Traveling will always be worthwhile when with your friends and loved ones. Are you searching for the best place to take your family on vacation? Why not try a place with a rich culture and beguiling tourist spots that your family will definitely enjoy?

Thailand has been one of the countries in Southeast Asia that were frequented by people all over the world because of its rich culture, wonderful landmarks, and beautiful landscapes. Bangkok, the country’s capital, is also a place worth adding to your itineraries. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to travel destinations.

If you intend to visit this wonderful city soon, the first step that you need to consider is the place where you and your family will stay. At the heart of the city, the All Season’s Building can be located. It is the largest building I the city – the combination of three towers: the CRC, Twin Towers, and the Capital Towers. There are many hotels near All Seasons building that are highly developed, with the following benefits and characteristics:

  • Top Class Hotels. Since the area around the All Seasons building is highly developed, the hotels near it are also top class hotels. Your family will definitely enjoy the scenic view from these hotels, especially at night.
  • Good Technology. Again, because of the area being highly developed, the technology is also of good quality. The hotels are made to suit your every preference, whether you are staying in the hotel for leisure or business, you will never be more satisfied with technology than in these hotels.
  • Very High Security. Ensuring the safety of your family is, of course, your top priority. Hotels near All Seasons Building are guaranteed to have the quality of security that you need.

This area is one of the best tourists accommodation and site seeing location in Bangkok. When you visit the country soon, make sure to make enquiries and recommendations about the best hotels near All Seasons building. You can even check these hotels out through their websites. Enjoy Bangkok and get the best out of the city when you visit it soon.

Making A Choice Between The Framed And Frameless Shower Enclosure

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During home remodeling, many homeowners focus on improving the aesthetics of the bathroom knowing that it will generate high returns on investment. One of the options to improve the ambiance of the bathroom is through the use of glass shower enclosure. A homeowners has a choice a between a framed and frameless shower enclosure. While the choice is usually based on personal taste and preference, it is still important to know the differences between the two types of shower enclosures.

The framed shower enclosure is more traditional. It includes a metal frame for strength and structural support. It is common for metal frames to have coating in chrome, nickel, bronze or gold to ensure a corrosion-free finish. It is important though for the installer to use a certain type of seal to ensure a watertight fit so that water from the shower will not leak to the bathroom floor.

As its name indicates, the frameless shower enclosure has no metal frame for support. Instead, the shower enclosure is made from heavy duty glass with special shower screen hinges. Many homeowners prefer the frameless shower enclosure because there are more designs to choose from. With no metal frames to get in the way, it becomes easier to show off the beautiful finish of the shower room.

However, the concern of many homeowners is the apparent lack of strength because of the absence of metal support. The use of tempered glass ensures the strength of the frameless shower enclosure. Tempered glass means that is has undergone the process of heating and cooling to change its characteristics and make it stronger than ordinary glass. Tempered glass is also safer than ordinary glass because when it breaks it will disintegrate into small chunks that are not hazardous.

With the frameless shower screen, you can create an open concept in your bathroom. The open concept is now the trend in small bathrooms particularly those found in condominiums. When you use frameless glass can create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. It looks like there is no enclosure at all that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

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