The Carnival At Jemaa El Fnna When Daytime Turns To Dusk

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Jemaa el Fnaa is a marketplace in Marrakesh old city (medina) where both locals and tourists converge. During the day, the marketplace is occupied by stalls and snake charmers but before night fall, all the crazy stuff happens. The environment changes as the square becomes more crowded with Chleuh dancing boys, magicians, storytellers and vendors selling traditional medicines. As darkness falls, more food stalls appear from nowhere catering to both the locals and tourists.

Jemaa el Fnaa is an active concentration of different activities to showcase Morocco’s cultural traditions but it seems to be relatively safe because of discreet police presence. The spectacle of Jemaa el Fnaa is repeated everyday and it has become on one of the symbols of Marrakesh. All throughout the day as well as into the night, the square becomes the meeting place of the local population and people who come from all parts of the world.

There is no place like Jemaa el Fnaa in Morocco and we felt like interlopers because most of the crowds were local Moroccans. We were on a rooftop terrace looking down at the wonderful spectacle that looks so strange in our civilized world. I had this feeling of being in the center of a carnival of magicians, story tellers and acrobats amidst the circle of onlookers who will give a dirham or two for the experience. If you are ready for your hands and legs to be painted, you can take advantage of the henna tattoos which the artists claim will last from two to three months.

Refreshments were freshly squeezed grapefruit if you do not want the adulterated orange juice that is being peddled around the square. Dates and dried figs were in abundance which according to claims was picked up at dawn from the surrounding countryside. With dusk, the square smells like an enormous dining hall with stalls lit by gas lanterns selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.

I never imagined that there are places left in this world that are not tarnished with modern technology except by visitors like me who were all taking souvenir photographs through DSLR cameras.

Tips Regarding The Overnight Trains From Hanoi To Sapa

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If you have been a seasoned traveler in Asia then you might be one of the people in the majority that enjoys the journey by overnight trains. Overnight trains are the best options when getting from one place to another with quite long distances between them. It is not only affordable compared to other options but it is also more comfortable than riding a bus or car where you have to sit for hours. With ht overnight train, one has the means to stretch out and take a good rest which is cheaper than stopping somewhere and pay for a hotel.

Here are some things you should keep in mind if you are thinking of taking an overnight train in your next visit to Vietnam.

– Remember to book beforehand. This is important especially if your vacation dates fall on peak season for tourists or if it is a holiday. Booking is done simply through various travel agents online. Email the operator and pay through a secure payment method. With this method, the operator will only send a voucher attached at the email and this voucher will have to be presented at the train station before it can be exchanged for an actual ticket.

– If you haven’t visited Vietnam before then you will be surprised at how small the body frames of the local. The sizes of the clothing for sale are also smaller than the standard measurement and the trains are also small. This is why it is important to take luggages that are not too large so as not to be stuck inside the train hallway.

– If you are travelling with older people or with kids, it is important to decide whether to take the upper or the lower berth. From previous tourist experiences, it is harder to climb upper berth with the overnight trains in Vietnam because there is no ladder provided but only a tiny peg one could use as a stepping guide up.

– There are advantages to taking the overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa as there are beds to sleep in and you can rest for the long journey. The rooms are comfortable and the toilets are also clean.

Guide When Renting An Apartment For The Holiday

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If this is your first time on a holiday where you will be renting an apartment, there are some important things you should check before booking the place. It is important that you have the proper accommodation that will cater to your needs during the holiday to make sure that you will have the best vacation ever.

– When checking on booking websites for the list of apartments for rent, make sure that you check what is included when you book such as the facilities and the amenities. It may be provided in the form of symbols or it may be listed in the description.

– Before booking, make sure to ask questions directly from the owner or the manage of the apartment. Never book directly as soon as you see something on the website except in circumstances wherein you have no time to wait for the reply or if you are going immediately.

– If the website offers only a number of photos, make sure to request more from the manager. If there are no details regarding the size of the apartment, it is important to ask those as well. If you are going to stay in an apartment longer then it is essential that you see the floor plan and know the exact location in a map since properties are not usually at the exact location where they are listed.

– Depending on the policy of the rental owners, some may just hand you the keys as soon as you get in without signing anything while some require that you sign an agreement. Before leaving for the holiday, ask the manager to send the paper works so you can go over them before deciding if you really want to book the place.

– Assumption is not accepted in booking where there is no agreement signed. Make sure that the fee you see on the website covers everything during the holiday or is only for the rent and the utilities that will be consumed inside the house.

These tips are very important no matter where you go, make sure that your holiday apartments such as the La Gomera Apartments are up to what you need.

Guide In Lopping And Pruning

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In order to make your property more appealing to the outside, it is important to maintain your landscape as well as the garden. As a homeowner, it is within your responsibility to make sure that your property and everything around it looks presentable. Well cared trees and plants will not only add to the beauty of your house but it will also increase the value of your property. The opposite, on the other hand, will also have the opposite effect and could make your property look uncared for and may lessen its value in the long run.

In order to maintain the beauty of your garden and to ensure that the plants are well cared for, pruning and lopping should be done regularly. Making sure that they are well maintained will ensure that you will not have to resort to having any trees cut down or removed because of damage. Trees with damages present risks and could be dangerous to neighboring buildings thus it is required to be removed by tree professionals.

If you do not have any background in tree management, it is necessary to hire someone who is a professional before deciding on anything. Professional arborists will know what to do if the tree is damaged and will have alternatives. Since they are an expert in their field of work, they will be able to assist you and prevent you from incurring any damage which will result to cutting down or removing trees.

With proper lopping, it can help to maintain and improve the look of your surroundings. Loping can be done on well cared trees that are affecting your environment because of its size, shape or the very location where it was planted. It can be used as an alternative rather than cutting down the entire tree. Lopping is the process of cutting some branches of a tree in order to modify its shape as well as reduce its size. It is important to consult a professional such as All Trees Perth as lopping is not as effective in some trees and may cause permanent damage.

Important Things You Need To Know At Perth International Terminal

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Perth Airport has 4 terminals – T1, T2, T3 and T4. If you are travelling to Perth, remember to check with your airline to make sure you get to the right terminal where your transport is waiting to take you to your destination. Journey to and from the Perth Airport has become rather convenient for travelers who are driving their own car or traveling through taxi, public transport or chauffeur-driven limo service.

Each terminal has dedicated areas for pickup and drop-off for family or friends. However, vehicles that will be used for pickup and drop-off in front of the terminals must be attended to at all times otherwise the driver will be subjected to a fine. The vehicle can also be towed away if it exceeds two minutes at the pickup/drop-off area.

If the flight is delayed, the option is to use the Park & Wait car park facilities that require gold coin upon entry or the Short Term Parking that is free for the first 10 minutes. If no one is meeting you at the airport, you can call a taxi that is available 24/7. The main taxi service providers include Swan Taxi and Black & White Cabs. Taxis are available at the terminal entrance; however, a $3 fee may be added to your fare if you take the taxi from the terminal.

If you need a car to explore Western Australia, there is a host of car rental companies at the ground floor of each terminal. Personalized ground services are also available if you want a stress-free airport transfer. If you book in advance, you can save as much as 30% from the service and you can secure a parking spot. Booking online is more efficient because you get an instant quote after providing the date and time of arrival.

If you want to travel in comfort and style, you can opt for a chauffeur in Perth who will meet you at the terminal without any extra charges. You simply need to look for a driver bearing a sign where your name is written. If you have luggage, don’t be embarrassed to ask for assistance; the chauffeur is trained to help.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Condo In Bangkok

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Condo In Bangkok
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If you are a foreigner and planning to buy a condo in Bangkok then you might be in for a challenge as there are many laws that safeguard Thai properties to make sure they are not acquired by foreigners who are not permanent residents of the country. Foreigners must keep in mind that according to Thai law, they can only own up to 49 per cent of a property and nothing more. With this law, it also implies that it is not possible for a foreigner to own either a house or a lot. What they can do is to purchase a condo if they desire. A foreigner has the right to purchase more than one unit as long as the remaining 51 per cent is still under a Thai nationals’ name.

  • Before purchasing, there must be a written as well as verbal agreement to ensure that the condo is purchased under freehold and not leasehold which will entail that the property is not entirely yours. Check all the papers and make sure there will be no trouble coming from previous agreements or lease made with the unit.
  • When you are purchasing a condo in Thailand, your bank account must have enough currency of the country which is in baht. Before making any purchase, make sure to convert enough dollars into baht to have a hassle free process.
  • Everything must be written in order to have proof in case of misunderstanding. A lawyer is also necessary to be the mediator between the two parties and to make sure everything is done legally. Make sure the lawyer check the papers and the agreement. This will save you a lot of trouble and money in the future.
  • Ask your lawyer regarding the effect of the purchase on your taxes. This will ensure that you will not be burdened with a lot of taxes in the long run.
  • Last, make sure to hire a lawyer before undergoing any process. It is also best to consult professionals such as Find Thai Property to have an insight on the condo you are planning to purchase.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling The Home

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling The Home
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When you are remodeling the home, costs can escalate and go over the budget when you frequently change your mind. Sometimes, you assume that the change is only minor but it can affect the schedule of the project because you are drastically interrupting work on the previous plan. However, you always have the right to change your mind but be aware of additional costs and project delays.

Mistakes to avoid in home remodeling

  1. Contrary to what many people believe that if you buy materials you will gain some savings, it won’t. Remodeling contractors get a better price for materials because of the business relationships built with local vendors.
  2. During the discussions with the contractor, you will be able to finalize the budget but never work without a contingency fund. There is no realistic budget when it comes to remodeling particularly if you change your mind and deviate from the old plan.
  3. Contractors understand that they have to accommodate the presence of kids and pets but it certainly is not safe for them to be roaming around. If you do not want to move out from the house, make sure that is a comfortable and convenient place to stay while work is in progress. Experts suggest that it is wiser to move out so that the family will be not be inconvenienced with the mess and noise that will be generated.
  4. Of course, it is your home and you are paying the bills but do not be a distraction. Communication is important but do not tell the electrician how to do the job because he knows it more than you do.
  5. Contractors will usually agree to your ideas but make sure that your ideas are sane. For example, an ultra-modern kitchen will not go well with Victorian brownstone work. Research through remodeling magazines to make sure of a successful project.

When you are planning for Home remodeling Colorado, always ensure that you have a detailed design and plan to ensure a functional and aesthetic space. Discuss your ideas with the professional contractor and be open to their suggestions.

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