Will Green Look Sophisticated On Bathroom Walls?

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The reason why I opted for bathroom renovation in Perth is to create an ambiance of warmth and comfort in my bathroom. We have undertaken renovation on the living room and kitchen because they always have to create a good impression when guests visit. My bathroom always took a backseat and it was always last on the list of priorities. However, I have dedicated a portion of my renovation budget to bathroom renovation Perth not only to gain an aesthetically pleasing space but something that will put me in a good mood every morning.

Do you like the transformation? Well, I certainly do. Color is the most important element in this bathroom transformation. Many people would rather go for white because it looks clean and pristine. However, in many instances, a white bathroom looks too sterile. Green is not a common color that people will choose for the bathroom but I like the look and love the sense of vitality and freshness. My green walls provide the perfect background for my paintings. Not many people will use paintings on bathroom walls as accent, but I wanted to have a bathroom that does not look like everyone else’s.

Color choice is important but it is also necessary for color to have an impact on who uses the bathroom. Since I am the one using the bathroom, I decided to give it a unique identity. The accents and accessories oppose to green to make it visually interesting. When choosing colors for a bathroom, it does not only mean the shade of the walls but includes the tiles, countertops and cabinets. However, it is important for colors to complement to create a sophisticated ambience.

While some would use large windows to allow natural light, it is sometimes impossible without tearing apart a wall. An option is the use of artificial lighting that is strategically placed to alter the proportions of the room. If you are rather conscious with the budget and would prefer to do the remodeling on your own, think twice because major changes are not for those with insufficient knowledge and skills.