Why Marble Basins Instead Of Ceramic Or Porcelain

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Are you surprised why I chose this square marble basin for my bathroom? First of all, it adds some style to my bathroom vanity. I have also gotten tired of the common oval basin that is present in almost all bathrooms. My square basin was supposed to be an upgrade but its distinctive modern elegance has completely changed the look of my bathroom. Besides that it matches the sophistication of my new solid oak vanity. Now, my bathroom looks luxurious and extremely tranquil.

But, why marble? Marble Basins are warm to the touch and they can easily adapt to the ambient room temperature. Unlike ceramic basins, marble is smooth to the touch without pores and gaps. Marble is also easier to clean and maintain particularly when finished with the tough hardwearing scratch resistant white gloss finish.
The qualities of marble are unsurpassable by other basin materials. Marble is always magnificent to look at and it gives that sense of grandeur in any bathroom.

Since marble is a natural stone it tends to resist microscopic particles and germs particularly when cleaned properly. However, when you shop for Marble Basins, make sure it is not porcelain. There are porcelain basins that look like marble but while it is a more affordable option, it is very cold and hard. You certainly do want to wash your hands and face on an ice cold porcelain basin particularly when you have just gotten out of bed.

The potential to create unique designs is possible with marble that is why it has become a popular material for bathroom tiles and countertops. There is always a marble design that will match the bathroom and add character to the small space. If you are looking for quality, marble will satisfy your desire in turning your simple bathroom into a classy and restroom.

However, it is not enough to install a marble basin; make sure it is complimented with a high quality and durable vanity. It also makes sense to place a large mirror at a certain height that will make you feel comfortable. Remember that the mirror will be used when you put on your makeup.