Why Hotels Should Offer Free Wi-Fi

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People who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life usually book a hotel room in order to relax and unwind. It does not mean that they want to be completely disconnected from the outside world thus they prefer a hotel that offers free wifi. This is true for tourists as well. Guests who are travelling to the capital city of Thailand prefer to stay in free wifi hotel in Bangkok because they can keep their loved ones and friends updated while they travel.

According to a recent study, majority of guests are not willing to stay in hotels that charge a fee in order to access their wifi connection. In today’s age, an internet connection is considered as a big part of our daily lives thus when booking an accommodation, it is expected to come as a free amenity. Not many are willing to pay extra for wifi and it is unusual for a hotel with no internet connection at all.

In a poll conducted, free wifi tops as the most important amenity in a hotel. Why should hotels have free wifi?

  • A hotel experience will not be a good one if it does not have free wifi. Guests will not be able to contact their loved ones and friends in case of emergencies since they are staying in a foreign country. Updating ones social media account is also a part of our daily lives and it will not be possible to do so without an internet.
  • Online jobs are very common nowadays. Hotels are not only accommodating business travelers nowadays but also people who are working while they are travelling the world. Business travelers and remote workers will more likely book a hotel that offers fast and free wifi service as they will be able to do their job while enjoying at the same time. They don’t have to find co-working spaces and spend extra money just to be able to work.
  • The internet is a pool of endless information. Travelers will be able to search for things about a certain country, top tourists attractions and how to get around the city if they have free wifi hotel in Bangkok thus making things easier for them and travelling will be more convenient.