What Happens Around The World During XmasIn July?

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In the U.S., Xmas in July is more of a marketing tool to promote Christmas products earlier than the real Christmastime. However, in other parts of the world, they come with celebrations and festivals to commemorate the occasion. In Australia, the celebration revolves around Christmas dinner. As the real Christmas season is too hot in this country, the traditional heavy foods are eaten during Christmas in July. In fact, they feast over it during the 24th of July. The dinner is accompanied with Christmas decors like wreaths and candles. However, it may not be necessary to give gifts. Many restaurants there serve Christmas in July treats for patrons and catered events.

In Australia, the ski resorts provide special events to celebrate the Xmas in July as it is their peak season. Christmas decors are set up and snowmen are built. Dear old Santa is actually seen skiing down the slopes. The local restaurants serve roast turkey, ham, mince pies with plum pudding and all the traditional holiday meals that are enjoyed for the occasion.

At the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, Xmas in July has been commemorated for several years. Planes aren’t able to land at the airports due to bad weather and strong winds. What happens is the deliveries are parachuted down to the ice. This then started the July Christmas celebration as it reminded people that Old Saint Nicholas delivered his gifts from the sky.

In Copenhagen, a festival is commemorated in July as it is where the annual World Santa Clause Congress is held. Particularly in Bakken in Copenhagen, Denmark, they organize the Congress along with the Santa Clauses from Greenland. The Santa Claus in Greenland is the only organization in the world where Santa Clauses are recognized. Here, you’ll find hundreds of Santas from all over the world showcasing what they got just to fit in the spirit of Christmas. After that, the Santa Claus of the year is announced and he will be responsible for giving gifts at Xmas in July. He will also be supported by Mrs. Claus, his line of elves and reindeers. It’s a fun event that worldwide Santa Clauses meet.