What To Wear When Dining Out In Bangkok

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A tropical version of a cosmopolitan city is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Since the temperature in Bangkok is generally warm throughout the year, it is important for a visitor to dress appropriately according to the weather whether the plans include a day at the beach or a night spent dining in a high-end restaurant.

What will you wear in Thailand if you are dining out? Tourist beaches and resort towns like Phuket and Koh Samui are more casual than Bangkok because you do not need to change the beach dress and flip flops that you are wore at the beach. On the other hand, there is always an exception to the general rule because if you are billeted at a high-end resort with a fine dining restaurant, you need dressier options.

Since it is too hot for women to wear jeans, it is suggested to wear loose, thin pants and tops or a blouse that is comfortable. For the beach towns, women can wear knee-length shorts or Capri pants but in Bangkok, a summer dress or skirt made from fabric that is wrinkle-proof is considered more appropriate. While nobody will frown seeing you wearing flip flops in Koh Samui, when you are in Bangkok, you have to wear dressier sandals or slip-on shoes. If you are wearing a tank top, bring a pashmina or cardigan because the weather may get slightly cold when it rains. Besides that, the classier the restaurant, the colder will be the air conditioning.

If you are going to a fancy restaurant, you will be more comfortable wearing a dress with a silk wrap and a pair of dressy sandals, wedges or flats. Men should also dress appropriately in pants not jeans or shorts with an ironed, collared shirt not t-shirt. Instead of flip flops and sandals, men must wear loafers.

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