Using Tulle During Wedding Celebrations

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During weddings, you often find the material tulle used when decorating. Not only can it be found in the attire of the bride but at the same time it can be used to accent almost anywhere. Pew decorations, flowers, and head table backdrops often incorporate tulle in the designs.

Today, tulle is often used to replace or accent with silk or organza in different decorations. Having too much of the material in your wedding decorations can make it look outdated or overdone. Nonetheless, tulle is still commonly used since it is a very affordable wedding decoration item which has multiple uses. For years to come, it is perceived to be a popular decoration material among fashion designers.

Like with any other wedding theme or decoration, you can absolutely choose on how much you want to use the material and where to use it. You can use it as a small accent like bows or large ceiling canopies.

Tulle Decoration in Weddings

Ceremonies which are held inside the religious cathedral need not have excessive tulle decoration. You can hang small pew bows at the end of each row of guests. Tulle can also be added to floral pew decorations and can also be tied to the altar flower arrangements. You can also cover with tulle the altar railings and stairway banisters. Archways and entrance doors can also be wrapped with the tulle material. Adding little white wedding lights can also make a statement when guests will walk through entryways. Greenery, flowers or ivy can also be incorporated with tulle.

Outdoor Ceremony with Tulle

When ceremonies are held outside, it can also benefit from tulle. You can tie bows around the backs of the chair in order to dress up the plain rented chairs. Colored tulle when placed on the back of the chairs can be very striking. Groom and bride who are in the gazebo may find that paint is chipping from the columns or railings so wrapping the structure with tulle will help camouflage whatever flaw there is on the structure. Indeed the use of a tulle material is very helpful during occasions such as this.