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People take photographs to please themselves and to share it with others. Through photographs, people are compelled to entertain, educate, inspire or communicate with an audience that can be composed of the family or a group of friends. We at AFT Photo allow you to add more meaning to your photographs by sharing it with the whole world. Make your photographs and narratives an expression of yourself and allow people to view these experiences and gain inspiration from your awesome work.

Choose the best images you have taken through your cameras and include a narrative of your experience why an image or a view has caught your attention. Viewers will be scrutinizing every image and they want to know what has happened behind the scenes. If this is a personal blog, think of how much of yourself you are willing to share. It is completely up to you but we suggest stay positive. Here are some of the ideas that we can suggest:

• Personal experiences or whatever you are working on right now.

• Travel images or images of places you have been to which you want to share with your audience.
• Adventure and how you were motivated by the experience

• How you started with photography and how you can help other people discover the wonders of the art

• Behind the scenes. People will be curious about your post and they will be wondering what happened behind the scenes.

Write a narrative of your photograph but you need to be conscious of what you write. Don’t blog using the photographs of others. Create a narrative from a photograph you have taken so that your post will be authentic. Make sure your photographs and narrative are interesting and worthwhile for your audience. Interact with your visitors and reply to their comments so that your audience will grow. There is nothing better than a blog to share your passion with your target audience.

If you want to try photo blogging, do so now. Our goal is to provide the service that will make blogging quick and easy. We simply want to be a small part of your success. Contact Robert Jackson through email and I would gladly be of service.

Robert M JacksonRobert Jackson- Editor AFT Photo