The Two Common Types Of Funeral Services

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There are several ways for the family to make arrangements for their loved ones in Perth.

Here are the two common ways for remembering a loved one.

A traditional full service funeral

This is the costliest and most extensive type of the funeral services. A lot of families choose this, since it presents a body in a peaceful way, with a full service that allows family and friends to pay last respects.

A funeral arrangement involves a comprehensive list of services, which are offered by funeral homes. The family is going to rent a funeral home, and a funeral director, including the staff, are all employed. The pre-funeral services involve the storing and the embalming of a body, including other needs for the open casket display.

The casket is usually bought by the family through a funeral home, too. The caskets can be very expensive. The display needed for a funeral service normally comprises of flowers, cloths and other items.

The family is also going to pay for the transportation fees to a funeral home and a grave site. In addition, they are also going to pay for the grave, and the workers that lower the body, fill, grave and erect a headstone, which is a different cost.

These services are very costly, but the price is worth it for people determined to offer the most beautiful service for a loved one.

Memorial service

This is both the easiest and hardest part for any funeral. This is one way to celebrate a deceased person’s life.

A memorial may happen prior to or after a body is cremated or buried. The body can be present or not. Slideshows, pictures or videos of their life are usually shown. There can also be a presentation, where a family member or several others are going to speak.

Often times, a memorial service happens at the same time during a visitation period.

A memorial can be done informally, or at a funeral home or the church of a loved one.

Summing up

Aside from these two common types, Funeral Directors in Perth can also help with a graveside service, a direct burial or a direct cremation. This all depends on how a family wants to honour their loved one.