Tips When Buying An Australian Insect Repellent

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Insect bites are quite irritating regardless if you’re an adult or a kid who loves to play in grassy areas especially during the late afternoon. To prevent getting bitten by these pesky little insects whose bites get really itchy, you can choose to use any of the Australian insect repellent available on the market today. However, you must be wary of the different insect repellents you are using especially for your kids because some of these repellents are made using some chemicals which can be hazardous to the health. To help you keep your family safe especially from mosquito bites that can also cause deadly diseases such as Dengue, below are some tips when choosing which Australian insect repellent you should use:

  • The first thing a responsible customer must do, just like in buying anything else, is to carefully check the chemicals that were used to make an Australian insect repellent that you are going to use especially for the kids. If possible, choose an insect repellent that is DEET-based. It has been a reliable repellent especially against those tiny but pesky mosquitos. You just have to make sure that the concentration of the DEET in the repellent is right because concentration varies from 5% up to 100%. And yes, DEET-based repellents are relatively safe to apply for kids.
  • If you are not really fond of using DEET-based products, it’s recommended that you try alternatives such as the Picardin which is manufactured by Bayer. It’s an alternative for DEET-based repellents which is also safe to use. It’s an odour-less product and will make your skin oily unlike using those conventional repellents. Also, using Picardin insect repellent will not irritate the skin or melt plastics which is considerably dangerous.
  • Now, let’s say you are still not sure of which between DEET-based and Picardin you are going to use. Then you can consider using Permethrin repellents. Like the two other mentioned above, Permethrin repellents are also useful in terms of making all types of insects go away. It can treat lice in both humans and animal. But what makes Permethrin unique is that you can apply it in your clothes instead of directly applying in to your skin.