Tips Regarding The Overnight Trains From Hanoi To Sapa

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If you have been a seasoned traveler in Asia then you might be one of the people in the majority that enjoys the journey by overnight trains. Overnight trains are the best options when getting from one place to another with quite long distances between them. It is not only affordable compared to other options but it is also more comfortable than riding a bus or car where you have to sit for hours. With ht overnight train, one has the means to stretch out and take a good rest which is cheaper than stopping somewhere and pay for a hotel.

Here are some things you should keep in mind if you are thinking of taking an overnight train in your next visit to Vietnam.

– Remember to book beforehand. This is important especially if your vacation dates fall on peak season for tourists or if it is a holiday. Booking is done simply through various travel agents online. Email the operator and pay through a secure payment method. With this method, the operator will only send a voucher attached at the email and this voucher will have to be presented at the train station before it can be exchanged for an actual ticket.

– If you haven’t visited Vietnam before then you will be surprised at how small the body frames of the local. The sizes of the clothing for sale are also smaller than the standard measurement and the trains are also small. This is why it is important to take luggages that are not too large so as not to be stuck inside the train hallway.

– If you are travelling with older people or with kids, it is important to decide whether to take the upper or the lower berth. From previous tourist experiences, it is harder to climb upper berth with the overnight trains in Vietnam because there is no ladder provided but only a tiny peg one could use as a stepping guide up.

– There are advantages to taking the overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa as there are beds to sleep in and you can rest for the long journey. The rooms are comfortable and the toilets are also clean.