Tips In Organizing Your Arts And Craft Inventory

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If you have just started crafting then your supplies must be in neat order until you started making projects and then they are no longer organized but a fine mess. If you are having problem with organization, here are some tips and tricks to help you get those craft supplies under control.

  • If you are one of those people who are in love with washi tapes then you must have a ton of them in different designs and colors. They might be pretty but can prove how hard it is to store them. The trick in organizing them is that you should be able to see all designs so you don’t have to dig around and create a mess again. If you have a bracelet holder at home, paint them and use it to hang the washi tapes.
  • If you are using twines have them in different colors, then you must be able to see them all. A cute storage project would be frame that hold little rods horizontally. Put the number of twines that the rod can hold, put the rod into the frame holder and you have a neat storage project.
  • Lots and lots of ribbon would mean they could get tangled up sometimes. The best thing to do is place them inside an empty box, make a whole for each color of the ribbon and place the ends inside. All you have to do is pull through while keeping the ribbons stored inside.
  • If you have lots of small blings and crafts, a cute glass jar would be the perfect place to stow them away plus you can easily see what’s inside of the glass.
  • If you are into sewing, turn a mason jar into a storage project. Make a pincushion on top of the mason jar cover while the mason jar itself will be where you store all the buttons and threads that you are using.

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