Tips For Sewing Magnets Into Clothes

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There aremany uses for magnets in Brisbane and across the world, from organizing your notes, making tools easy to find, and other ways. There is also a slightly less common use; magnets can also be used for fashion. Some clothes have magnets for their buttons and clasps, which allow them to be interchangeable or help people with problems with their hands with getting their clothes on and off. There are several companies that incorporate magnetic buttons in their designs to help people with ailments like arthritis and Parkinson’s.

Putting magnets into your clothes can be a good use for the smaller magnets in Brisbane you’ve got; you can use them in pockets, collar stays, shirt or coat buttons and the like. Though, of course, if you are considering it, make sure you magnet isn’t harmful to tech like phones and, more importantly, pacemakers. If you are looking to sew magnets into your clothes, here are some tips.

  • If you are sewing magnets into your clothes, you’ll need a magnet cover, which stops the magnet from breaking and allows you to sew it in. There are some sewing magnets that come with their own magnet covers, which you can buy. There is also the option of making your own, using a square fabric cover then sewing a magnet inside it. Fusible interlacing is an option in case you want more security.
  • Once you have the covers for you magnet, only then can you sew them into your clothes. For example, if you are sewing them into pockets, you’ll want to create a little slit on the underside of the packet so you can drop the magnet into it in order to sew it in place. Then, sew in another magnet with the opposite pole on the other side of the pocket, where it will fasten each other.
  • Sewing buttons can be a bit trickier, due in part to them being more numerous. However, the same principles apply, but you may want to use smaller magnets and/or thicker fabrics. Consider where the buttons will be for deciding how you’ll sew the magnets in the clothing.
  • Projects with magnets can be very specific, based on which part of the clothing you’ll be putting the magnets in. The general idea is that you’ll want to consider the size of the magnet, the thickness of the fabric, and the placement of the magnets.