Tips For Making Your DIY Personalised Word Art

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A lot of people gather inspiration from their favorite words or quotes. Nowadays, it is considered a trend to post and include quotes into social media sites. There are people creating their own boards of inspirational quotes on Pinterest and liking posted quotes on Instagram. As you post that beautiful shot on Facebook, you make sure to always include a quote that will complement with it. These quotes are not only posted online but many are making their own DIY version of personalised word art. Sure you can purchase one from your local store but you might have a hard time looking for your favorite quote especially if it is not a common one. The best way to go is to make your own.

One good idea is to put quotes on canvas using old magazines. If you have many copies of old magazines lying around in the house with no future in sight for them except the recycling section then you might as well put them into good use. All you have to do is get a canvas, it can be an old one from a thrift shop or you can buy a new one, and then cover the entire surface with magazine pages. You can use even pages with commercial ads because it will be covered eventually so no fret. It is recommended to use pages with the brightest colors on them. To make sure it sticks to the canvas, you can use spray adhesiveor mod podge.

To make your personal favorite quote, cut out vinyl letters and arrange it on the canvas covered with magazine pages. Once you are done, you paint everything with the color you like. Wait for the paint to totally dry out before removing the vinyl letters. The resulting artwork is now your personalised word art and the colorful magazine pages will shine out through the letters and make the whole idea a very unique one. This process is very easy and it does not cost very much at the same time. All you need is a lot of magazines and a little bit of patience.