Things You Should Know About All Inclusive Resorts

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Beach resorts are the perfect getaway for you and your family. If you’re thinking about taking some time off away from the stresses of everyday life, the best thing for you to do is to go on a vacation. When it comes to vacations, resorts are the best way to go. Here’s what you should know about all inclusive beach resorts.

  1. Most all inclusive resorts have a policy that would include gratuities in their pricing. But if you would think about it in real life, the situation may always vary. It has always been a custom for guests to tip servicemen whenever they do a fine job. However, most inclusive resorts forbid the practice of tipping because of the policy in their pricing. But there are certain areas around the world where tipping is expected and all you would have to do is to check online sites such as TripAdvisor about comments and information related to the tipping policy of a certain country.
  2. Although beach resorts are all about the beaches, sometimes, pools and waterfalls are more popular than the namesake. Pools could either be heated. In some places, pools are naturally heated by the sun and during the night or if the weather cools down, so does the water. In newer properties, however, pools are more likely to be heated.
  3. Lounge Chairs. The most frequent complaints made by guests is probably a resort’s lack of lounge chairs at the pool or beach forcing them to wake up early in the morning to throw a towel at a lounge chair and claim it. Some guests are also infuriated by the fact that a lounge chair is claimed but completely unused.
  4. Pool Towels. Some resorts are very strict with pool towels. If you don’t want to be bothered by strict policies regarding towels, find other places.
  5. Limited Dining. Most resorts would be offering a buffet along with other specialty restaurants but there are still clients who feel somewhat limited with their choices.

When you are going for Ao Nang Beach Resort, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. These resorts would provide you with all the necessary means to enjoy but in the end, your happiness and fulfillment will always be up to you.