Things To Consider During The Designing Of Ideal Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms inside the house which you will be using every day as long as you live in the same house. When planning for your dream bathroom, make sure to consider the following:

– Make sure to decide on an efficient layout. It does not matter how beautiful your bathroom is if the layout is not planned properly. This involves making sure that the vent stacks, water lines and plumbing drains are properly located and installed. If you are aiming for a cost-effective floor plan, go for the one-wall layout. This means that you will have to line up everything in a single wall including the shower, toilet and sink. The only disadvantage of this floor plan is that it is very liming.
– If you want a more flexible floor plan, you can choose to have a two-wall layout. This means one wall will be dedicated for the sink and toilet while the other one is for the tub and shower. For maximum versatility, three-wall layout is also an option. The problem is that it is complicated which means an expensive floor plan.
– There are two types of bathroom sinks, the integral and the self-rimming. The integral is easy to clean while the self-rimming sinks are the most economical alternative and easier when it comes to installation. Its lip can be a magnet for germs though.
– The lighting of the bathroom should not be taken for granted. To make sure that the bathroom lighting is ideally designed, the mirror should have lighting too. It is recommended that lights should be placed on each side at exactly eye level. The general lighting, on the other hand, can be ceiling-mounted or if you want an edgy look then go for chandeliers.
– The main focal point of every bathroom is the bathtub. It could have a great impact on the overall style of the bathroom. For freestanding ones, it can be mounted in a claw and ball feet or a pedestal base can be utilized.
If you are not sure on how to properly design your bathroom, it is best to consult Kitchen & Bathroom Design Specialists.