The Unique Experience Of Rya Sailing Holidays In The Canary Islands

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One of my friends has recommended Rya Sailing Holidays in the Canary Islands because the sun is present all year round and the winds are fairly predictable. The sailing holiday is expected to be smooth without the usual challenges of varying weather conditions. While I do love challenges, the family is not prepared for extremely strong winds. The Canary Islands is perfect for a sailing holiday because the islands are close together and requires only a day to sail between them. Bareboat sailing provides the option to see all the islands at your own pace. Since I had the skills and experience in sailing, I appointed myself as the skipper and I set the schedule so that we can also enjoy some time ashore.

Tenerife is one of the more popular islands because it has well developed facilities for tourists along the coast. Due to the favorable climactic conditions in Tenerife, it is very easy to enjoy the waters. The sights are awesome and we spent a bit of time ashore to take photographs of the spectacular views. In Tenerife, there are marinas where the boat can be anchored although some of them require some skills at maneuvering. The next island we visited was La Gomera which is densely forested with banana trees. El Hierro is more isolated than La Gomera but its tranquility is definitely worth the experience. The family even tried snorkeling and scuba diving because the water was just too overwhelmingly peaceful to resist. Gran Canaria is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

The port is busy with commerce and it looks prepared to accept visitors who want to view the island’s volcanic hearts. The well-developed tourist facilities gave as a brief respite from sailing. Lanzarote is quite different from the rest of the islands because the landscape appears like it has just suffered from a recent volcanic eruption. Rya Sailing Holidays provided a unique experience for the family particularly since it is their first time to experience sailing from one spectacular island to another. There are no buildings beyond 4 stories high and neither is there a concrete jungle that we have back home.