The Unexpected Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

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For over 5,000 years, yoga has been known to provide numerous benefits to the people who practice it. If you don’t know what yoga is, it is not just twisting your body into a pretzel or assuming a weird shape or form. No, yoga is actually a discipline, an ancient art that aims to harmonize the mind with the body through careful breathing techniques, effective postures or asanas and meditation. Yoga deals with both the physical and the mental as it is known to improve flexibility, strength, endurance and balance along with boosting the mind and instilling confidence and mindfulness and helping people become more aware.

But if you think that is all you can get from yoga, you are wrong. Here are some unexpected benefits from yoga that you should definitely know about.

  1. Treatment for Chronic Back Pain. It has been reported by people who suffer from chronic back pain that yoga works better than their usual treatment. According to them, yoga gives a more soothing feeling. Also, people who suffer from chronic back pain reported better back function a few months after they practiced yoga. This is written in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
  2. Improvement of Emotional Health. It’s not just yoga, but all exercise seems to improve a person’s emotional health and is specifically good for those who suffer from depression. Practicing in a group such as a yoga class stimulates the production of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for love and bonding and the meditation done in yoga helps increase the level of serotonin, also known as the happy hormone.
  3. Helps with Infertility. When infertility is influenced by severe stress then yoga, a known stress-relieving practice, will definitely help a couple with their infertility problems.
  4. Helps with Hangover. You might not have known that yoga can greatly detoxify your entire system. Aside from that, it can also help with your metabolism and blood circulation.
  5. Fights Insomnia. Yoga is one of the most effective approaches in fighting insomnia as it helps with circulation and helps calm the body.

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