The Importance Of Choosing The Right Material For The Vanity Top

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If you are planning to buy a vanity unit, one of the items you need to take into account is the countertop or vanity top. Always choose a vanity top that can withstand soap, water, toothpaste, makeup and alcohol-based products. Most bathroom vanity tops come in different materials, some more expensive than others but definitely worth the cost of investment.

Some of the materials frequently used for vanity tops include marble, granite, laminates, tile, wood and crushed stone. Marble and granite are unrivalled when it comes to beauty and elegance but there are expensive particularly if you choose a solid sheet. If you prefer marble, choose any color except white because it stains easily. Granite is not susceptible to stains except grease. A cheaper option is cultured marble for the vanity top. It is made from real chips of natural marble before being embedded in plastic. Since cultured marble is available in the form of sheets, it can easily cover a vanity top with two sink basins.

Laminates offer good value for the money paid. In fact, laminates are the most popular material used on bathroom and kitchens because they are resistant to stains and water. Laminates are available in different colors, designs and patterns which ensures ease in designing a bathroom according to your personal taste and preference. Make sure though to buy a few extra pieces for replacement when the plastic laminate becomes dented.

Tiles are also popular for floors, walls and counter tops because they look attractive and durable. Make sure though to hire a professional tile installer because tiles for the vanity top and the bathroom floors demand great precision.

Wood is very attractive as a vanity top but it can easily be damaged by water. Hardwood is a popular material for vanity tops but make sure it is well sealed with polyurethane or marine varnish. Plumbers should be careful in putting seal along the edges of the plumbing fixtures so that water will not seep into the wood. The best option if you are remodeling the bathroom is the Marble Top Vanity Unit with Two Basins & Chromed Taps that will create an ambiance of luxury and elegance.