The Difference Between Green, Natural And Organic

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The skin is the largest organ of the body and the quality of the skin greatly influences a person’s appearance. If your skin is healthy, then you’ll appear more radiant and attractive. A lot of people are investing on so many skin care products without knowing where they come from and what they are made of. While their intentions are purely good, without any form of cosmetic knowledge, there are products that can actually prove harmful to the skin.

Right now, the organic movement has become a popular trend. With this movement, numerous people are shifting their lifestyles towards a greener and more organic alternative. This would involve not only food products, but household items, clothing materials and even skin care products as well. With organic skin care products, one of the primary reasons why people turn organic is because normal skin care products are usually made of unregulated chemical ingredients that can seriously harm the skin. While these products may be effective for a certain period of time, prolonged use can have adverse effects to the skin. With organic products, however, you are guaranteed that the ingredients are made from natural and renewable resources. Unfortunately, with organic skin care products, people often get confused with labels and terms like green, natural and organic. Here’s how they differ.


With products labeled as ‘green’, this would mean that the products are made from ingredients that are free of toxic chemicals and would utilize environment-friendly packaging and shipping methods. Green doesn’t always mean that a product is made from natural or organic ingredients because it is not a requirement.



If a product is labeled ‘natural’, that means that the product is composed of at least 95% natural ingredients. If synthetic ingredients are used, then it must be considered safe for people and friendly with the environment.


There are four ways to categorize organic products. The first one is 100% Organic which means that all of the ingredients used are natural or organically-produced. The second one is called Organic wherein at least 95% of ingredients are organically-produced. The third is Made with Organic Ingredients which are basically products made with at least 70% organically-produced ingredients. The last is called Organic Ingredients where less than 70% of ingredients are organically-produced.