The Choice Between Crown Reduction Or Tree Topping

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Crown reduction and tree topping are entirely different tree services of minimizing a tree’s size.

The difference between crown reduction and tree topping


Crown reduction

A “drop-crotch” method is utilized. The limbs from the canopy’s top portion are cut shorter. This is to minimize the tree’s height. However, the cut is just until the succeeding lateral growth which is 1/3 the cut’s size to promote fast and proper healing.

This is also recommended that not more than 20% of the tree’s canopy is removed to prevent the tree from declining or getting to a state of shock.


Tree topping

The tree trimmers who don’t have the proper training, experience or knowledge cut limbs or very big branches off the trees which leaves little to no leaves and exposing large wounds.

Without foliage, these trees make use of the stored nutrients in their roots. Trees will increasingly decline over time when the stored nutrients run out. This means that tree topping done every couple of years or so ruins a tree’s health and shape as well as shortens a tree’s life span.


Why is tree topping requested by customers?

Many of the people think of tall trees as dangerous. They also think that tree topping is a solution. They do not know that if a tree goes through topping, it becomes more dangerous compared to a properly pruned tree.

Most homeowners also think that tree topping is a pruning method or a way to trimming a tree. They are not fully aware of the results from damage done.


Why is tree topping offered by tree service companies or by landscapers?

The tree trimmers are not fully aware that tree topping is a malpractice in the tree service industry. They also do not care much about the trees especially when the job is done.

Some of these trimmers don’t have the experience or knowledge to provide the correct pruning service because the techniques need precision, skill and experience. No matter how long one is in the tree service business, not everyone with climbing ropes, a chainsaw or aerolift is capable of pruning trees.