Tennessee Lakes – Nature’s Beauty Discovered

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Lakes are bodies of water that are surrounded by land. They can be found almost anywhere, in mountains, parks, shorelines, and even in deserts. Lakes are also in different sizes and depths. Smaller ones may be called ponds, and extremely large ones are already referred to as “seas”. In the Unites States, each state boasts of their own beautiful lakeshores and spots. Each of these lakes, ponds, bodies of water are managed and kept in good conditions to maintain the beauty and grace that nature has to offer.

In Tennessee, there are a lot of lakes and ponds that can be found too. There are those that are already stated as national parks or venues for family bonding and fishing. Here are some examples of Tennessee’s best lakes.


Old Hickory Lake is part of the Cumberland River located a few miles east of Nashville. The dam was completed last 1952 completing the Old Hickory Lock and Dam thus creating the Old Hickory Lake. This was developed by US Army Corps of Engineers. This is quite popular for fishing and other activities such as hunting, camping, boating, and other outdoor activities. The lake is around 97 miles long and has developed real estate all around.

Chickamauga Lake

Chickamauga Lake is a reservoir created when the Chickamauga Dam was completed along the Tennessee River in 1940. The lake is 58.9 miles (94.8 km) long stretching from the Watts Bar Dam to Chickamauga Dam. Common activities in this lake include fishing, swimming, boating, camping, and even water skiing.

Percy Priest Lake

This lake is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is 42 miles long. This 14,000-acre lake was created by the Corps of Engineers with the completion of the J. Percy Priest Dam in 1968. This lake which was named after Congressman J. Percy Priest is just a 15-minute drive from Nashville and is commonly known for recreational activities such as picnicking, wildlife watching, swimming, boating, wakeboarding, and other outdoor and water activities.

There are more lakes out there in Tennessee wherein you’ll definitely enjoy spending your alone time or time with your loved ones. The state does its best to take care of these lakes which are why there are some Tennessee Lake Management services available. As a citizen, and someone who just enjoys the beauty and life nature brings, we hope you’ll take part in being a caretaker for these wonderful and scenic sights.