Surfing Stories That Made It To The Headlines

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Narratives and essays are fun to read but nothing beats surfing news that made to it to the headlines all over the world. There are some good stories that happened last year that created a lasting impact on the global surfing community.

Last August 3, 2016, surfing was finally declared as an official Olympic sport. The inaugural event will take place in the Tokyo Olympics on 2020. The decision to include surfing in the Olympics created a serious division in the surfing world. Comments were made by professionals, amateurs and pundits alike and most of them had very serious opinions.

Those who were in favour of the inclusion of surfing in the Olympics focused on the ability to bring the sport to global attention and to create some sort of legitimacy for the sport. The opposing side commented that surfing was “selling out” and creating more crowded line-ups. Pro and anti-comments have valid points but of course, we are lying if we say that we are not excited for the surfers who will be competing in the Olympics.

Kelly Lemoore’s infamous wave pool video astounded the global surfing world; however, there were negative comments that the wave was not real and it cannot to hope with organic ocean swell. Perhaps, it is true but who wouldn’t want to surf like Kelly?

Surfing is dominated by male surfers; however, female surfers are closely inching their way to a state of equality. 2016’s biggest contribution to equality is the creation of the women’s division in the Jaws and Mavericks events. Women have been surfing for decades and it is about time that they be given a platform with which to compete and earn a little cash for their efforts. Most of the female surfers at the Jaws are not really that amazing but with practice and recognition, they will soon get there.

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