Spending A Peaceful Afternoon In Lumpini Park

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Lumpini Park is the largest park in Bangkok’s central district where you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon. The park occupies 360 rai or 58 hectares. The park was previously known as Sala Daeng field after the name of Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal. It was donated by Rama VI in 1925to provide a rare public space with trees and playgrounds.

Limpini Park is a site for many recreational activities. It is very popular area for morning and early evening joggers. Families spend special bonding moments in the park although it is not surprising to see a barber cutting a man’s hair and cyclists and skateboarders braving the heavy heat. You can simply relax while sitting on a bench and watch teenagers and adults pass by. However, if you remain idle for a while, hawkers will approach to offer you all kinds of stuff that include food and beverages including mats for rent.

If you will visit the park in early evening, you will see groups of people doing aerobics. On the bridge, you will find children hanging fearlessly from the sides trying to feed the fish with bread. An afternoon in the park provides an instant diversion from the sights and sounds of the city. However, it is wise to visit the park during the early morning or late afternoon so as not to suffer from the heat. With very few parks in Central Bangkok, Lumpini get really crowded particularly during weekends. It is not only a tourist destination but a place where local Thais gather and relax.

Lumpini Park is certainly worth a visit even if it is sometimes used a rally ground for those mass protest gatherings. It is very likely that you will find a small group of protesters but instead of mass action, they are reading books or sleeping off the heat.

There is a hotel near Lumpini Park that offers furnished rooms for both business and recreationaltravellers. If the reason for your travel to Bangkok is business, the Lumpini Park can be your refuge when the day gets too warm for comfort. You can simply stroll around or watch the most amusing acts that people do during their down time.