Sparkies Doing More Than Their Jobs

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Hiring an electrician in Capalaba or anywhere else, letting them into your home and letting them work on something as important as your house’s wiring is a big gesture of trust, so it’s always inspiring when sparkies reciprocate by providing the best service that they can. It’s even more reassuring to hear about the things they do beyond just fixing your house’s wiring; knowing that the people you trust with your house can be counted on to be on the up and up.

Two stories are worth noting here, and neither of them are exaggerations; we’ve looked into them, and, boy, are they some stories. It’d be safe to wager these are the types of stories that attract attention down at the pub. Anyway, first off, there’s this story of a sparky in Cairns swimming out in the floodwaters, with a bloody ax, all to rescue an old man in trapped in their SUV.

This happened early in March, when the region got hit with the worst flooding in about a decade. Sparky Sam Greenwood spotted a Toyota Rav4 being carried by the floodwaters not far from Cairns, when people noticed that the wipers were running, that there was a possibility that someone was trapped inside.

So, Greenwood, bless him, went to the vehicle amidst the flooding and found a man in his 60s inside, trapped and struggling to breathe. Now, braving the floodwaters once is one thing, but twice, is another. But he does exactly that; he goes to his vehicle, grabs an ax, then goes back to the Rav4 to save the driver. Of course, when news of this spread, he was hailed, rightfully, as a hero.

The other sparky story is about Brydie Maro, who was called in to deal with some wiring in Far North Queensland. Fun fact, she was a wildlife handler before becoming a sparky, which was really damn fortunate when, upon arriving at the Mossman house on the first Monday of March, she finds, of all things, a scrub python under the house.

The scrub python was big, even by her standards, which is saying something, clocking in an eight kilos. She managed to wrangle the thing and deal with it, but, sadly, it managed to get to the family cat; poor kitty. According to her, she’s worked on the Mossman’s home repeatedly now, for about five years, and she’s had to deal with snakes in the past, as well.

This one’s the biggest, by a large margin, though, a fact made clear when the meter reader guy looked at it and basically went, “NOPE”. She managed to wrangle it with remarkable ease, with comments on social media saying she could have a TV show handling snakes, and set it loose in the bushlands, away from people.

Now, we’re not saying we’re expecting this sort of stunt from an electrician in Capalaba or something, that’s not the point of these stories. The point of them is seeing the people we let into our home go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customers get the most out of their tradies. Even in little ways, if a sparky or any other tradie does something like that, they should be commended.