Some Reminders When You Are In Scotland

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Scotland should be in your itinerary when traveling around the world. This beautiful country abundant with natural wonders will surely offer you an experience of a lifetime. You can also find luxury holiday homes in Scotland where you and your companions can surely rest comfortably.

When you are in Scotland, here are some advices for you:

– When conversing with people, stick with casual small talk unless you are long time friends. The Scottish people prefer indirect communication for the reason that they do not want to accidentally insult people.

– It is better if you avoid topics like religion and politics in your conversation. Feel free though to state your opinions regarding these subjects when you are asked.

– In Scotland, they refer their mountains as hills. Be warned that if a Scottish asks you to go with him hiking on a hill, it is not really the literal hill but more like a mountain, something much larger and much more exhausting to climb.

– Do not take the picture of someone unless they have your permission.

– Never make negative remarks about Scotland, its people and its culture. Remember that Scottish people love their country so much and they will deeply feel offended when you do so.

– Be cautious when bringing up the topic about their Southern neighbors. They have had a long history and are not in good terms with each other. It is best if you do not bring them up.

– Be polite, courteous, positive and talkative. Whenever you see someone passing by, make the effort of saying hi or hello to them.

– Do not forget to say the magic words please and thank you while looking the person in the eye sincerely. The people of Scotland are polite people and they may feel offended if you do not return their courtesy.

– English is the language spoken in Scotland. However, they have their own dialect and there is usually a thick accent to the way they pronounce words. You may want to look up some of the common words that you will be using on your travel.