Road To Becoming A Life Coach

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Before life coaching became a trend, the word coach is used only in sports. Today, it has various meaning as life coach are now common.

Coaching offers a lot of benefits, be it in life or in sports. A coach will be the one to help you accomplish your goals faster with the road ahead clear and you with more confidence than ever.

If you have been thinking about becoming a life coach, know that you are planning to take on a profession that positively impacts the life of another person. It does not matter if you work with a specific individual or business, you will be helping them become happier as they achieve success in various aspects of their lives.

According to The International Coach Federation, the governing body of the profession, there are about 47,500 coaches all over the globe in 2012 alone. A third of that number is practicing in the United States.

To become a life coach, one must be willing to undergo training to receive their certification from a legitimate and credible life coach program which should be recognized by the ICF. Based on the data provided by ICF, a life coach must have the following core competencies in order to practice successfully:

  • The foundation must be set
  • The relationship must be co-created
  • There must be effective communication
  • Learning must be facilitated in order to see results

Once you understand the listed above, you can start researching programs that will suit your preference as you learn life coaching. There are many programs or schools you can find that teaches life coaching either locally or through online classes. Once you find the one that fits your requirement and needs, find out your specialty. There are many types of life coaching specialties – business, marketing, career, public relations, corporate, management, personal image, career transition, marriage, parenting, dating, executive, divorce, retirement and many others.

Once you already know the process on how to become a life coach, you must be prepared financially because programs for life coach training are not cheap, much like getting a college education.