What Are The Recommended Loppers To Use When Pruning

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Cutting branches that is more than 1 inch in diameter is a challenge because you will need the proper tool for the job. Pruning shears will not do because it might break while a pruning saw might be too much for the job. The answer would be loppers.

Loppers are basically pruners but they have longer handles. They are specifically designed to cut twigs as well as small branches that are not more than 2 inches in diameter. The long handle is useful when the branch is higher and if you need to cut a branch that is thicker.

There are many different types of loppers available on the market depending on the size you need, the style as well as the price range. You should choose depending on the pruning task you need to do, your budget, your body size as well as strength. Pruning is the type of task that is heavy and repetitive at the same time thus it is important to get the best type of lopper for you. First, you must know that there are two types of loppers, the anvil loppers and bypass loppers. The bypass is the most commonly used but not recommended for dead branches. The anvil lopper, on the other hand, is ideal for dead branches and is able to cut thicker branches. If the branches you need to cut is bigger than 2 inches, it is time to use the pruning saw.

All lopper blades are made of steel and you have option to choose whether to get hardened, high quality or carbon steel type. Any other blades made of different materials than listed may not be cut out for the hob because it might bend or nick. There are loppers blades that have non-stick covering thus sup and sticky substances will not stick into it. Before buying, make sure that the blades do not have any rough spots, bends or burrs on it.

Loppers come in different handle lengths. The shorter ones are only 15 inches long while the longest may be 32 inches or more. Thicker branches will be easily cut if the lopper has a longer handle. If you don’t want to buy any tools or does not have the time to trim your trees, you can always hire a professional tree lopper in Perth.