Profiting From An Ugly Sale

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Holiday season is fast approaching and soon, you will be seeing people wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters. Perhaps you may ask yourself who really came first: the sweater or the ugly concept? According to Time Magazine there has been a great revival among the younger generations who are hosting and throwing ugly Christmas sweater-themed parties. In these parties, the participants wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they have in their closet or in their parent’s closet.

Where was the first ugly sweater party hold? It is the city of Vancouver that claims to be the first place to host such event. Every year in Vancouver, a party is held where the dress code needs to be that of an ugly Christmas sweater. This is held yearly at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. The co-founders of this annual ugly Christmas sweater party are Jordan Birch and Chris Boyd. The pair has successfully trademarked the words: “ugly Christmas sweater” as well as “ugly Christmas party” in Canada.

The business in ugly

Even writer of the renowned Wall Street Journal got interested about the ugly Christmas phenomenon and its related ugly parties. Many wrote about this booming and rich business. Retail store owners recounted that their yearly sale for ugly Christmas sweaters have reached the same peak it had reached during the eighties. Numerous corporations and companies are now sponsoring ugly Christmas sweater parties. Tickets to ugly Christmas parties are quickly selling out. Google likewise reports that those searching for “ugly Christmas sweater” went up to thirty percent last year. There are quite a number of websites online that are solely dedicated to selling these sweaters like Vintage stores cannot anymore stock enough of these sweaters.

Ebay has also set some record high prices on the sale of vintage ugly Christmas sweater. There are collectors of ugly sweaters that are willing to pay several hundreds or thousands of dollars for these hideous-looking sweaters. Indeed, the opportunities for profiting in this business are vast. It is for this reason that there are plenty of individuals or corporations that are taking advantage of this booming enterprise.