Plaster Masterpiece

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Man has experimented with what he can build and what he can build with since the days when he first discovered how to use tools. Given time, man found more creative uses for building materials; creating figures from wood, jewellery and decor from metals, sculptures from stones, even from plasters. Famous sculptures, murals, and other masterpieces exist, far too many for this entry; I do not have the time and energy to list them all, nor do I think you have the time and energy to read about them all.

Nevertheless, it is inspiring to think that such artistries were made with something as simple as water mixed with some lime, or cement. It’s nice for something to have so many useful applications; plaster is used for casts, dental models, and moulding, among other things. All the same, I would like to focus on the artistic use of plaster, as shown by this image I found.

This is a plaster relief of a tree, lining the circular wall of a staircase. What building this is in, I do not know, but if it is in a house, then I envy the owner. This beautiful, intricate piece shows a level of dedication that would make it, and the person who spent their time and effort to create it, stand out. The tree itself is 3-dimensional, with part of the trunk actually disconnecting from the wall behind, whilst the branches and leaves are all exquisitely detailed, making them feel rather lifelike. Even from the image’s somewhat distant viewpoint, you can see the distortions on the relief that look like the ones on actual, living trees out in the wild.

Another thing worth noting is that the relief does not “melt” into the wall, in that it doesn’t go straight into it, but follows the curvature. This is quite the bit of additional detail; which means that it took additional time and effort to do. Nevertheless, it adds to the beauty of this plaster art, and I give my utmost respect to the people behind it. Now, I wonder how much would it cost for plasterer in Sydney to do one?