Planning A Big Bang Theory Themed Costume Party

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Throwing a party is cool right? It is one way to gain good friendships while enjoying at the same time. What better way to enjoy life than to dance the night away to good music with fun people. Do not be mistaken though, parties are not all about getting drunk and high. It’s not just about getting lost in the world of drinking and rubbing bodies or the frenzy that comes with too much letting go, there are also other ways for people to party without getting drunk. One way to do this is by planning a costume party filled with fun activities and letting out the inner nerd in you.

Of course costume parties would have to have a theme and what better way to showcase your inner nerd than throwing a Big Bang Theory themed party? Unfortunately, throwing a party based on a TV show is never easy. There should be considerable planning.

Here some tips to help you out in planning a Big Bang Theory themed party.

1. Determine how many people would be attending your party. Of course, this would only have to be a guess so you should expect more guests attending your party so that you could prepare in case there is a deluge of people.

2. Make sure that you inform your guests the time and date of your party so that they will be able to make the necessary changes on their schedules.

3. Prepare loads of fun activities. In this case, you can prepare a Big Bang Theory trivia game or other activities related to the said TV show.

4. Costumes are probably the most important aspect of your party. Sine your theme is all about the Big Bang Theory, all costumes should relate with the show. Tell your guests to wear costumes of the characters of the TV show. Since The Big Bang Theory is also known for their affinity with costumes and role-playing, you can also allow your guests to wear costumes that were featured in the show. TV and movie costumes can be bought in local costume stores or online stores like TV Store Online. Don’t forget to help out your guests by referring them shops or stores where they can get their costumes.

5. Choose a location that would fit every one of your guests. Decorate the place with simple party decors and prepare good music and food so that your guests are well-entertained.