Hiring A Limo For A Wedding Is Not Actually Very Expensive If You Consider Additional Amenities

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It was very apparent that my sister wanted to hire Limousines Perth so that she will arrive in style for her wedding day. I don’t blame her because limousines certainly provide a certain amount of elegance and sophistication for a bride. I told my sister, I could hire a limousine but this will be her wedding gift.

Wedding costs can quickly pile up that is why I decided to rent a limousine on my sister’s behalf so that she can arrive at her wedding in style. I knew that she has been dreaming of riding a limo to church and being a good sister I wanted her to achieve her longtime dream.

The first thing I did was research the limousine for hire industry in Perth to determine the best prices. There are standard wedding rental packages for three hours that is within my price range but I knew my sister wants a stretch limo with numerous features and amenities including a professional driver. Actually, there are different factors that affect the cost of hiring a limousine:

• Minimum run time – from my research, I found out that there is a 3-hour minimum charge plus travel time. This would depend on how far the limo has to travel.

• Time of year and vehicle – not all limos for hire have the same price. Stretch limos and hummer limos can be very expensive particularly during peak wedding season. Good thing that my sister is marrying during off-season. It allowed me to have a pick of limos for a price that will not put a hole in my pocket.

• Discounted prices – are available if the couple marries during the week. Weekend rates are actually higher because of demand. During the winter season, limos can be hired at 40% off.

After carefully weighing all the quotes, I finally settled for a 4-hour limousine package that included the ceremony, photographs and reception. As part of the package, the vehicle will be decorated with white satin ribbons with cover on the wheels to protect the wedding dress. The package also comes complete with the red carpet, a complimentary bottle of bubbly that will surely delight my sister including cold water and soft drinks.

Antique Appliances

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When your new appliance suddenly stops working, it’s an easy task to just quickly dial up a number for electrical services for speedy repairs of your broken appliances. However, believe or not, there’s actually a market for old, vintage, and antique appliances. And repairs for these appliances are a concern for those who love to collect them. It may sound weird but the people who purchase these antiquated appliances do not do it just for the aesthetics. They actually use these appliances. And what use is a broken appliance, albeit a vintage one? However, replacement parts for these vintage appliances are fairly rare to find and may not even exist. Moreover, the repairmen we have today may not even be equipped to repair some older models of electronics.

Best to care than repair
Old and vintage appliances are actually a business in some areas. Some refrigerator and icebox models even sell for at least $60,000. That’s big business. Some of these antiques are well maintained especially for those who really want them to sell. Those who purchase these units should handle them with care since, as previously said, replacement parts for old appliances are hard to come by.


Yet, for those that have rotted at the hands of time, not all is lost. Some old refrigerators are actually easy to repair with just a simple switching out of a relay. And most old refrigerators are compatible with the more modern cooling units of today. So, those who collect old refrigerators are actually lucky.

Cooking appliances
For classic stoves, ranges, and other cooking appliances, they actually cost a lot more than refrigerators. Believe it or not, they go as high as upwards of $250,000. Since most of these stoves are gas instead of electric, it’s a lot easier to repair them. However, the problem mostly comes from gas leaks and overheating, which are problems that can be dismal for the whole household. However, repair jobs for gas stoves are easier than electric ones. So it wouldn’t be much of a problem for those in the business of antique cooking appliances.

Washing machines
Hoses and connectors are the most common problems for vintage laundry tools. Another problem may be rust in the tubs and on tension rods. Moreover, it may be difficult to find good working models as these washing machines are being collected mostly for decorative purposes only and are rarely used for their actual purpose. This may pose some problem for those who actually use old and antiquated washing machines.

Added Features To Help Your Packaging Standout

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Boxes from Paper Mart boxes are an essential when it comes to ecommerce or any other web based venture. What’s even more important these days is to customize those boxes to enhance product marketability and promotion. Relying on plain and traditional boxes is a thing of the past now as people would also love an enjoyable un-packaging experience for their part and, for your part, added advertisement and marketing. So, to improve product packaging, here are some things you’d like to consider:

Dual-purpose boxes
This is also called as a “built-in” feature. Some food packaging companies have long been using this. they have boxes that have built-in condiment holders and some parts of the packaging can turn into utensils. In another instance, there’s a popcorn box that doubles as a bowl.

So, for your own product, think of a way that your packaging can serve a different purpose other than being a box. It likely varies depending on what product you are selling. Nevertheless, there are ideas to take cues from. And of course, your imagination is your best tool for this task.

Packing tape with logo
You’ll also have to love a packaging tape customized for your own company. Packaging tape, like boxes, should not simply just be for security and packaging purposes. You can also utilize them for your own purpose by having your logo endlessly on the tape. Imagine customers trying to unwrap the package wrapped all around with tape that has your logo seemingly everywhere. That makes for good promotion.

Custom inserts
You may want to insert a sheet of paper into the packaging along with the product. But it’s not just any piece of paper. It should be customized for your product and your company for marketing purposes. On top of that, artwork may also be necessary to improve customer experience and to leave a positive impression on your customers about your company.

Business cards
You don’t have all the time in the world to run around town passing your business cards from person to person. Instead, why not include them in your packaging. The same as inserts, they should be impressionable to the customers. Some people may take the minimalist route in the design and some may want the cards to be eye catching. It doesn’t matter which road you so long as the card ends up in the hands of your customers for them to hang on to and pass on to other people.

Limousines For Wedding

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Limousines are ideals for weddings like this 3BELLAGIO from Bellagio Limousines, a Limo hire in Perth. Many of the people would say that hiring limousines for a wedding is expensive but it is really worth the dime. The services are one of the many things that suits a limousine for weddings. Weddings need to be planned more carefully because it is eyed to many people as an important time of a newly weds life and having a smooth transportation is essential during the wedding day, imagine if the bride gets an hour late during that day.

On the aspect of transferring from one place to another is what limousines are very keen on but they are not limited only to that task, they want it to be more useful than just transporting people. To impress clients after the day they must always use more and more effort, although it adds some additional charges, but it lessens the responsibility and focus on the main thing, the wedding. Because planning a wedding is crucial and there’s a lot of information needed. For example the interior decoration, set of music to be played, drinks to be available inside and a whole lot more a limo have got to offer. So it is really good to make contact with the limo company a long time before the wedding date. Making sure that the car is attractive enough before the bride gets in and get out of the car is very important, company owners do add supervision to check the detail of the car to maintain a shiny, smooth detail look during weddings.

The next thing is to make sure all the things are prepared, ties, dress protectors, carpets, umbrellas, kits and a whole lot more than anyone can imagine. Imagine that they also have a sewing kit. Because you never know when unprecedented things happens. Like a sudden rain even when there’s a perfect sun or a wardrobe malfunction. These factors can cause a big impressions of the wedding day. But even proper planning, you can’t really predict to be on time. So these companies allow extra time before and after. Even when you are not ready yet they will wait for you and extra moment of photo shoots, they will surely wait. And it adds a little extra amount of money. So if you’re planning to tie the knot, prefer a limousine experience for a convenience and great wedding.

Will Green Look Sophisticated On Bathroom Walls?

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The reason why I opted for bathroom renovation in Perth is to create an ambiance of warmth and comfort in my bathroom. We have undertaken renovation on the living room and kitchen because they always have to create a good impression when guests visit. My bathroom always took a backseat and it was always last on the list of priorities. However, I have dedicated a portion of my renovation budget to bathroom renovation Perth not only to gain an aesthetically pleasing space but something that will put me in a good mood every morning.

Do you like the transformation? Well, I certainly do. Color is the most important element in this bathroom transformation. Many people would rather go for white because it looks clean and pristine. However, in many instances, a white bathroom looks too sterile. Green is not a common color that people will choose for the bathroom but I like the look and love the sense of vitality and freshness. My green walls provide the perfect background for my paintings. Not many people will use paintings on bathroom walls as accent, but I wanted to have a bathroom that does not look like everyone else’s.

Color choice is important but it is also necessary for color to have an impact on who uses the bathroom. Since I am the one using the bathroom, I decided to give it a unique identity. The accents and accessories oppose to green to make it visually interesting. When choosing colors for a bathroom, it does not only mean the shade of the walls but includes the tiles, countertops and cabinets. However, it is important for colors to complement to create a sophisticated ambience.

While some would use large windows to allow natural light, it is sometimes impossible without tearing apart a wall. An option is the use of artificial lighting that is strategically placed to alter the proportions of the room. If you are rather conscious with the budget and would prefer to do the remodeling on your own, think twice because major changes are not for those with insufficient knowledge and skills.

How To Be Plus-Sized And Fabulous

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Dale and Waters may provide you with lots of plus sized clothing options, but in the end, being fabulous is ultimately up to you. The problem with the world today is that beauty is often stereotyped into slim figures. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of acquiring or maintaining a slim figure. For plus sized women, the struggle is very as these women are often encouraged to stand by and accept their current states. But what they do not know is that plus sized women can also become fabulous. Here’s how:

1. Consider Your Body Shape
You should always remember to take into consideration the shape of your body as it can define what you need to wear. If you have a square shaped body then you are most likely to make shapes using the clothing. If your figure is somewhat resembles an hourglass, then you might want to emphasize that.

2. What Works for You
Stick to what works for you and never stop experimenting. Through experimentation, you would know which type of clothing is best suited for you. You do not have to necessarily follow the latest trends as not all of them are appropriate for you.

3. Work With What You Have
In some ways, we all have an appreciation for a certain part of our body. With that in mind, you can choose clothes that would greatly emphasize your assets. It could be your curves or your legs. Just make sure that you emphasize the best parts of you.

4. Tailoring

Of course, sometimes it can be hard to find a perfect fit. So if you happen to stumble upon something that you really like but there is no suitable size for you, you can opt to buy the bigger size and have it repaired by a tailor.

5. Online

Aside from Dale and Waters, you can also search the web for fabulous clothing and ideas. Never limit yourself to a certain place. The world is vast and has so much to offer. Just remember to make sure that you are knowledgeable of your measurements so that there is no confusion when you buy online.

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