Planning A Big Bang Theory Themed Costume Party

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Throwing a party is cool right? It is one way to gain good friendships while enjoying at the same time. What better way to enjoy life than to dance the night away to good music with fun people. Do not be mistaken though, parties are not all about getting drunk and high. It’s not just about getting lost in the world of drinking and rubbing bodies or the frenzy that comes with too much letting go, there are also other ways for people to party without getting drunk. One way to do this is by planning a costume party filled with fun activities and letting out the inner nerd in you.

Of course costume parties would have to have a theme and what better way to showcase your inner nerd than throwing a Big Bang Theory themed party? Unfortunately, throwing a party based on a TV show is never easy. There should be considerable planning.

Here some tips to help you out in planning a Big Bang Theory themed party.

1. Determine how many people would be attending your party. Of course, this would only have to be a guess so you should expect more guests attending your party so that you could prepare in case there is a deluge of people.

2. Make sure that you inform your guests the time and date of your party so that they will be able to make the necessary changes on their schedules.

3. Prepare loads of fun activities. In this case, you can prepare a Big Bang Theory trivia game or other activities related to the said TV show.

4. Costumes are probably the most important aspect of your party. Sine your theme is all about the Big Bang Theory, all costumes should relate with the show. Tell your guests to wear costumes of the characters of the TV show. Since The Big Bang Theory is also known for their affinity with costumes and role-playing, you can also allow your guests to wear costumes that were featured in the show. TV and movie costumes can be bought in local costume stores or online stores like TV Store Online. Don’t forget to help out your guests by referring them shops or stores where they can get their costumes.

5. Choose a location that would fit every one of your guests. Decorate the place with simple party decors and prepare good music and food so that your guests are well-entertained.

A Professional Photographer In The Making

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When one hears of the word photographer, immediately flashes of pictures occupy one’s mind. Capture a moment, photograph a beautiful lady and you think you could now be called a photographer. There is a lot more to the word photographer than just that. In fact, photographers today do not only capture pictures; they do a lot of aside from just clicking the camera.

Starting the career

Everyone starts from scratch. Well known photographers started from being nobody. They dedicated their time and worked hard on improving their skill and then bask on the platform that they are in now.

You start off as an amateur. Take pictures and document your adventures. Shoot at whatever pleases your heart to capture. Work at your own pace and do not be pressured. Enjoy what you do and continue to take good pictures.

Going further with your passion

Take your passion to another level. If you really want to immerse yourself with the art of photography, take photography lessons. You can enroll yourself in universities offering such course or you can hunt down a renowned photographer and learn from him. Be inspired by your mentor, open your mind and let loose of your creativity. Do not limit where your mind could take you.

Decide on which path to choose. Will you take photography as a hobby or start a business with it? Or do you want to be a photo journalist, crossing borders and documenting the ends of the earth? You need to decide for yourself the career path that you will trudge. It’s a one shot life after all. Either you do this and regret or do the unthinkable and reap the fruits of it. Follow your heart.

When you opt to go for shooting a picture for profits, say goodbye to childhood days of taking pictures with whatever your heart desires. You now have clients. Focus and meet their needs. Excellence is a key factor. Take pictures as if it’s your last shoot. Make your clients happy and you will surely be profitable in your business. Your clients will refer you to other people, your business will expand and more money pours in.

Trekking Through The Endless Sands Of Sahara Desert Merzouga

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Photo courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (taken October 17, 2014)

Sahara Desert Merzouga changes its colors from golden to rose pink to rust red according to the time of day. The Sahara is obviously an overwhelming spectacle that was worth the challenge of the drive. We took the bus from Fez at the station near the medina because it was cheaper. I already expected the ride to be uncomfortable because sand dunes are not asphalted. There are taxis but the usual tourist price is fairly steep. The tour operator has arranged for a guide who is surprisingly a linguist, a professional photographer and an exemplary guide who tried to fix my shesh the way that Moroccans tie their turbans on their heads.

The reason why we came to Merzouga was to experience the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. On our first night at camp, tents were set up with surprising comfortable wooden beds with foam padding. A fabulous dinner of lamp tangine was cooked and served at camp which we ate under the zillion of stars that illuminated the endless sand dunes.
We were all set up for an early day trip to experience the sand dunes on the back of camels. Some of the tourists did not want to experience the excruciating heat of the sun and decided to spend the day inside the tents. They certainly missed the camel train which was ready and waiting for us to go. The camels perched down on the sand waiting for us to begin our journey were one of the experiences I won’t forget.

Sands Of Sahara 2

Photograph courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (taken on October 17, 2014)

One by one, we climbed the backs of the camels and they raised high up into the air. As the camel train approached the first sand dune, the landscape opened up before my eyes and everything that I could see was sand in every direction. There was nothing except for shadows casted to the east. My legs and my bottom were excruciatingly painful but the shadows created by the camels were much more interesting. Our guide was in a good mood and he kept telling us that we’d better hold on tightly to the camel otherwise we might be left behind in the endless span of sand.

The Carnival At Jemaa El Fnna When Daytime Turns To Dusk

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Jemaa el Fnaa is a marketplace in Marrakesh old city (medina) where both locals and tourists converge. During the day, the marketplace is occupied by stalls and snake charmers but before night fall, all the crazy stuff happens. The environment changes as the square becomes more crowded with Chleuh dancing boys, magicians, storytellers and vendors selling traditional medicines. As darkness falls, more food stalls appear from nowhere catering to both the locals and tourists.

Jemaa el Fnaa is an active concentration of different activities to showcase Morocco’s cultural traditions but it seems to be relatively safe because of discreet police presence. The spectacle of Jemaa el Fnaa is repeated everyday and it has become on one of the symbols of Marrakesh. All throughout the day as well as into the night, the square becomes the meeting place of the local population and people who come from all parts of the world.

There is no place like Jemaa el Fnaa in Morocco and we felt like interlopers because most of the crowds were local Moroccans. We were on a rooftop terrace looking down at the wonderful spectacle that looks so strange in our civilized world. I had this feeling of being in the center of a carnival of magicians, story tellers and acrobats amidst the circle of onlookers who will give a dirham or two for the experience. If you are ready for your hands and legs to be painted, you can take advantage of the henna tattoos which the artists claim will last from two to three months.

Refreshments were freshly squeezed grapefruit if you do not want the adulterated orange juice that is being peddled around the square. Dates and dried figs were in abundance which according to claims was picked up at dawn from the surrounding countryside. With dusk, the square smells like an enormous dining hall with stalls lit by gas lanterns selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.

I never imagined that there are places left in this world that are not tarnished with modern technology except by visitors like me who were all taking souvenir photographs through DSLR cameras.

Activity Tracker Might Not Be The Answer To Your Weight Loss Problem

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The season of fall is upon us and while it may be a delightful time of the year, it is also a dangerous one for those who are trying to lose weight. There are temptations from Halloween candies, Thanksgiving pies and many other treats during the holiday season. It is the times when most who are struggling with weight loss are keeping track of everything they do and eat.

If you are one of those people who wanted to lose some weight then you are not alone in the struggle. According to statistics, half of the population in the United States is trying to lose some pounds at any given period. With the development in technology, it is now sensible to see someone who is trying to lose weight to be strapped with an expensive and attractive activity tracker on either wrist.

The question is, do they really help in losing weight?

If you are still debating whether to get one or not, read on to find out more about the latest study conducted regarding the effects of activity trackers in terms of long term goals of losing weight. The work was published by JAMA last month and the authors are eager to learn the effect of activity trackers and if it helps in shedding more pounds compared to the traditional diet and exercise routines.

The researchers came from the University of Pittsburgh and to do the experiment, they have chosen random people. There are 471 in total with ages ranging from 18 to 35 and they were divided into two groups. The participants in the two groups are mostly women with weight range considered as overweight to obese. None of the participants belong to the morbidly obese category, doctors classify morbidly obese as those that have a BMI of greater than 40. The two groups were subjected to the same program. The first one had to use a journal while the second group was provided with activity trackers. The activity was done in a period of two years and the result is that those who are not wearing trackers lost more weight. If you are looking for other alternatives in losing weight, try SlimLife HCG Drops.


Planning Your HCG Drops Diet

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It is the right of every human being to be healthy and happy at the same time. One of the leading names in making sure that everyone achieves the weight they desire is HCG drops diet. It is one of the well-known diet plans in the industry of weight loss. Currently, it has already helped millions of users in their quest for a healthier body.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone naturally occurring in women who are pregnant. Several decades ago, its main use is to help in curing different types of illnesses found in men and women. Currently, it is used by people who are trying to lose weight. According to testimonies of people who have tried the drops, a user can lose a maximum of 3 pounds daily with the HCG drops diet.

The product targets the hypothalamus which is a part of the human brain responsible in regulating metabolism as well as bodily functions. The HCG drops together with the proper diet can help is eliminating stored fats, reducing hunger cues and changing the metabolic capacity of the body. Since the metabolism was altered, the user will be able to keep their weight from coming back.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your HCG drops diet:

  • At the start of your weight loss journey, make sure you weigh yourself and record it. This way, you have a reference of how you started. Weighing should then be done every week after this to track progress.
  • Replace your regular breakfast tea and coffee with herbal one. It will aid in blood circulation and you will reap the benefits of the herb used. Make sure to avoid any type of sweetener.
  • You should consume one serving of fruits during in between breakfast and lunch to keep you full and hydrated.
  • Lunch should be eaten at exactly 12 noon. If you have meat, it should be weighed before cooking and all fat must be taken out.
  • After you buy HCG drops, make sure to follow the instructions. Do not take anything, solid or liquid, within 20 minutes after taking the drops.
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