The Names Behind Sports Games

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One of the avenues where people can get their muscles stretched, burn their fats and maintain a healthy figure is through sports. There are varied sports games that you could involve yourself in. If you are interested in team games, you could go for football, basketball, baseball or volleyball. If you prefer individual games you could choose from tennis, golf, boxing and more.

Every time you talk with someone about a certain sport, you cannot help but include in the conversation its celebrated legends.


The world of basketball was revolutionized in Michael Jordan’s era. MJ set new records for the game and the games’ pace has changed since. Before Jordan, there was Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson and many more. These legends have distinct playing styles and set unimaginable records. Basketball today continues to gain popularity worldwide and the new generation has new set of players that are also breaking records.


Pele is perhaps the greatest name that can be associated with football. The gifted Brazilian star has claimed international accolades in his finesse in playing the game. He brought his country to triumphs in the world cup. Diego Maradona is also a name that reverberates in football history. This legend from Argentina brought his country to a triumphant world cup with a controversial goal that is dubbed by many as the “hand of god”. Today, Lionel Messi, an Argentine is setting and breaking world records. His style of handling the football continues to amaze football critics and it is often argued that he is the best football player that has graced this world.


Tennis stars continue to be born every year. In the yearly major tennis tournaments: US open, French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open, a winner emerges victoriously. The names of Swiss’s Roger Federer, Spain’s Rafael Nadal, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Britain’s Andy Murray are the male names that one often hears in Tennis news today. They are dubbed as the big four and perhaps are the greatest living tennis player this generation has. They have won several tournaments etching their names in the tennis hall of fame.

The Advantages Of Creating The Right Packaging For Your Product

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Packaging refers to the material that wraps your product. The purpose of packaging is to contain, protect, identify, promote and describe what your product is. In the world of business, the packaging of a product is an important aspect to deliberate when launching a product to the market. It is therefore important to have a good packaging for your product.

Below is a list of the advantages of creating a well thought out packaging for your product.

• Safety

If you give your product the right packaging, you will promote safety. For example if you are a manufacturer of knives. When not carefully handled during transport or when it is displayed in the store, it can harm your customers. You need to think of a proper way to present it to your customers. You can wrap it with thick paper sheets.

If you are also in the food industry, you should think of ways that your product will not be contaminated by any form of filth. Package it in container, bottle or box and have it sealed properly.

• Promotes proper hygiene

This is especially important in packaging of food products. Hygiene should come first. Food companies ensure that when their products are displayed in supermarket shelves, they are tidy and clean, without any hint of dirt. Package your products in a way that when the customers see it, they will be drawn to it because of the simplicity of the way it is presented and it looks neat at the same time.

• Good packaging creates convenience for your customers

If you sell bulky and heavy products and packaged it in a way that it can be carried by customers conveniently, this will be a great plus to your product’s marketing.

• Provides useful information to customers

In most products, you may notice in the label that there are texts informing you what the product is all about, how to use it and what were the ingredients used in creating the product. A good packaging involves giving the customer useful information regarding the product. Convey your message in a concise, not so wordy and lengthy manner.

The Important Role Horses Played In People’s Lives both In The Past And Present

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History of Horses

It is estimated that around 6000 years ago, horses were already domesticated. The first domestication of horses was in central Eurasia. Archeologists uncovered bridles that dated back to 4000 BC. The exploration was conducted in Eastern Europe. Along with the findings were antler cheek-pieces and toggles.

Before, horses were butchered and eaten for their meat. But gradually, man realized the strength horses possessed and its ability to be directed. From being the source of food, horses were used by men to transport goods. The animals were also ridden by men during hunting seasons and were used to carry soldiers and warriors when they engage in battles.

In the year 350 BC, a Greek named Xenophon wrote about horse care, training of horses and health of the animal. What was important about his writing is that it became the basis in choosing horses, managing it and training it.

The medieval period

During the medieval period, horses were used by people to help them in their farm and in riding them during warfare. It was in this period that the horse collar, nailed horse shoe and stirrup were developed. These items are now indispensable to a horse today. The stirrup provides the horse rider increased security and comfort. The nailed horseshoe enabled the horses to travel long distances while the horse collar allowed the horses to pull heavy loads with maximum efficiency.

Horses in today’s world

Today, horses are still a vital part to man’s unique undertakings. Horses endure the scorching heat of the sun and their master’s lashes when they are used to pull carriages in the cities. Horses are also used as a gambling tool for gamblers. With different sporting events involving horses, people give their bets on their favorite horse and rider.

Business in the printing industry has also made use of horses as icon and designs. Take for example which sells My Little Pony pajamas, My Little Pony clothes and My Little Pony hoodies. They came up with the unique idea to make horses as their company logo.

Indeed, through the course of history, horses have always helped man.

Planning A Big Bang Theory Themed Costume Party

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Throwing a party is cool right? It is one way to gain good friendships while enjoying at the same time. What better way to enjoy life than to dance the night away to good music with fun people. Do not be mistaken though, parties are not all about getting drunk and high. It’s not just about getting lost in the world of drinking and rubbing bodies or the frenzy that comes with too much letting go, there are also other ways for people to party without getting drunk. One way to do this is by planning a costume party filled with fun activities and letting out the inner nerd in you.

Of course costume parties would have to have a theme and what better way to showcase your inner nerd than throwing a Big Bang Theory themed party? Unfortunately, throwing a party based on a TV show is never easy. There should be considerable planning.

Here some tips to help you out in planning a Big Bang Theory themed party.

1. Determine how many people would be attending your party. Of course, this would only have to be a guess so you should expect more guests attending your party so that you could prepare in case there is a deluge of people.

2. Make sure that you inform your guests the time and date of your party so that they will be able to make the necessary changes on their schedules.

3. Prepare loads of fun activities. In this case, you can prepare a Big Bang Theory trivia game or other activities related to the said TV show.

4. Costumes are probably the most important aspect of your party. Sine your theme is all about the Big Bang Theory, all costumes should relate with the show. Tell your guests to wear costumes of the characters of the TV show. Since The Big Bang Theory is also known for their affinity with costumes and role-playing, you can also allow your guests to wear costumes that were featured in the show. TV and movie costumes can be bought in local costume stores or online stores like TV Store Online. Don’t forget to help out your guests by referring them shops or stores where they can get their costumes.

5. Choose a location that would fit every one of your guests. Decorate the place with simple party decors and prepare good music and food so that your guests are well-entertained.

A Professional Photographer In The Making

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When one hears of the word photographer, immediately flashes of pictures occupy one’s mind. Capture a moment, photograph a beautiful lady and you think you could now be called a photographer. There is a lot more to the word photographer than just that. In fact, photographers today do not only capture pictures; they do a lot of aside from just clicking the camera.

Starting the career

Everyone starts from scratch. Well known photographers started from being nobody. They dedicated their time and worked hard on improving their skill and then bask on the platform that they are in now.

You start off as an amateur. Take pictures and document your adventures. Shoot at whatever pleases your heart to capture. Work at your own pace and do not be pressured. Enjoy what you do and continue to take good pictures.

Going further with your passion

Take your passion to another level. If you really want to immerse yourself with the art of photography, take photography lessons. You can enroll yourself in universities offering such course or you can hunt down a renowned photographer and learn from him. Be inspired by your mentor, open your mind and let loose of your creativity. Do not limit where your mind could take you.

Decide on which path to choose. Will you take photography as a hobby or start a business with it? Or do you want to be a photo journalist, crossing borders and documenting the ends of the earth? You need to decide for yourself the career path that you will trudge. It’s a one shot life after all. Either you do this and regret or do the unthinkable and reap the fruits of it. Follow your heart.

When you opt to go for shooting a picture for profits, say goodbye to childhood days of taking pictures with whatever your heart desires. You now have clients. Focus and meet their needs. Excellence is a key factor. Take pictures as if it’s your last shoot. Make your clients happy and you will surely be profitable in your business. Your clients will refer you to other people, your business will expand and more money pours in.

Trekking Through The Endless Sands Of Sahara Desert Merzouga

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Photo courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (taken October 17, 2014)

Sahara Desert Merzouga changes its colors from golden to rose pink to rust red according to the time of day. The Sahara is obviously an overwhelming spectacle that was worth the challenge of the drive. We took the bus from Fez at the station near the medina because it was cheaper. I already expected the ride to be uncomfortable because sand dunes are not asphalted. There are taxis but the usual tourist price is fairly steep. The tour operator has arranged for a guide who is surprisingly a linguist, a professional photographer and an exemplary guide who tried to fix my shesh the way that Moroccans tie their turbans on their heads.

The reason why we came to Merzouga was to experience the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. On our first night at camp, tents were set up with surprising comfortable wooden beds with foam padding. A fabulous dinner of lamp tangine was cooked and served at camp which we ate under the zillion of stars that illuminated the endless sand dunes.
We were all set up for an early day trip to experience the sand dunes on the back of camels. Some of the tourists did not want to experience the excruciating heat of the sun and decided to spend the day inside the tents. They certainly missed the camel train which was ready and waiting for us to go. The camels perched down on the sand waiting for us to begin our journey were one of the experiences I won’t forget.

Sands Of Sahara 2

Photograph courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (taken on October 17, 2014)

One by one, we climbed the backs of the camels and they raised high up into the air. As the camel train approached the first sand dune, the landscape opened up before my eyes and everything that I could see was sand in every direction. There was nothing except for shadows casted to the east. My legs and my bottom were excruciatingly painful but the shadows created by the camels were much more interesting. Our guide was in a good mood and he kept telling us that we’d better hold on tightly to the camel otherwise we might be left behind in the endless span of sand.

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