The Names Behind Sports Games

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One of the avenues where people can get their muscles stretched, burn their fats and maintain a healthy figure is through sports. There are varied sports games that you could involve yourself in. If you are interested in team games, you could go for football, basketball, baseball or volleyball. If you prefer individual games you could choose from tennis, golf, boxing and more.

Every time you talk with someone about a certain sport, you cannot help but include in the conversation its celebrated legends.


The world of basketball was revolutionized in Michael Jordan’s era. MJ set new records for the game and the games’ pace has changed since. Before Jordan, there was Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson and many more. These legends have distinct playing styles and set unimaginable records. Basketball today continues to gain popularity worldwide and the new generation has new set of players that are also breaking records.


Pele is perhaps the greatest name that can be associated with football. The gifted Brazilian star has claimed international accolades in his finesse in playing the game. He brought his country to triumphs in the world cup. Diego Maradona is also a name that reverberates in football history. This legend from Argentina brought his country to a triumphant world cup with a controversial goal that is dubbed by many as the “hand of god”. Today, Lionel Messi, an Argentine is setting and breaking world records. His style of handling the football continues to amaze football critics and it is often argued that he is the best football player that has graced this world.


Tennis stars continue to be born every year. In the yearly major tennis tournaments: US open, French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open, a winner emerges victoriously. The names of Swiss’s Roger Federer, Spain’s Rafael Nadal, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Britain’s Andy Murray are the male names that one often hears in Tennis news today. They are dubbed as the big four and perhaps are the greatest living tennis player this generation has. They have won several tournaments etching their names in the tennis hall of fame.