Music In Teams – A Different Beat For Building A Team

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Music is all around. In every aspect of life, there is a tune fit for each moment. There’s a sad tune for when times are low, there are happy tunes for times when we are on top of the world. There’s a corresponding beat for those who’re celebrating.

Celebrations are happy events. These can be due to a special occasion like birthdays and anniversaries or it can be that it is given as a reward for a job well done or an achievement that has been received. There are a number of activities that a team can do to build the relationship. One popular component that is incorporated into the team building activities is music so it is no wonder that there are a number of games that are musically inclined.

Ever wonder what these activities are? Here are some examples that you might want to try out with your groups:


  • Play the Blues play the harmonica – learn how to play the harmonica with a facilitator and in a few minutes, the team will be playing a classic out of these harmonicas. The end result will be the performance of the original song that your teams have created. Members can bring home the harmonicas and one can have it etched with the company’s name on it.
  • Drumming Up A Team – if the first one focuses on the harmonica, this one is on drums. This one improves employee satisfaction, loyalty and even productivity while this also reduces stress. This gives the chance for the team members to create and make music together, something that is the result of collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation.
  • Make Your Own Music Video – Don’t deny it, there is at least once in someone’s life that a person dreams of being in a video shown on TV, movie, play, or even music videos. Something to remember that person by. This particular activity can be turned into an awesome activity for team building. The team will create their own music video which could make them learn and be better in planning, execution, and other aspects of work. And aside from that, they will also be able to nurture cooperation and teamwork, coordination between the members of the team.


Even without any musical talents at all, the different teams will still be able to enjoy and learn from these team building activities.