Making A Choice Between The Framed And Frameless Shower Enclosure

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During home remodeling, many homeowners focus on improving the aesthetics of the bathroom knowing that it will generate high returns on investment. One of the options to improve the ambiance of the bathroom is through the use of glass shower enclosure. A homeowners has a choice a between a framed and frameless shower enclosure. While the choice is usually based on personal taste and preference, it is still important to know the differences between the two types of shower enclosures.

The framed shower enclosure is more traditional. It includes a metal frame for strength and structural support. It is common for metal frames to have coating in chrome, nickel, bronze or gold to ensure a corrosion-free finish. It is important though for the installer to use a certain type of seal to ensure a watertight fit so that water from the shower will not leak to the bathroom floor.

As its name indicates, the frameless shower enclosure has no metal frame for support. Instead, the shower enclosure is made from heavy duty glass with special shower screen hinges. Many homeowners prefer the frameless shower enclosure because there are more designs to choose from. With no metal frames to get in the way, it becomes easier to show off the beautiful finish of the shower room.

However, the concern of many homeowners is the apparent lack of strength because of the absence of metal support. The use of tempered glass ensures the strength of the frameless shower enclosure. Tempered glass means that is has undergone the process of heating and cooling to change its characteristics and make it stronger than ordinary glass. Tempered glass is also safer than ordinary glass because when it breaks it will disintegrate into small chunks that are not hazardous.

With the frameless shower screen, you can create an open concept in your bathroom. The open concept is now the trend in small bathrooms particularly those found in condominiums. When you use frameless glass can create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. It looks like there is no enclosure at all that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.