Low-Cost Marketing Tricks

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Marketing is important. Anyone who runs a business, no matter how big or small, will stress at just how important it is to ensure your business’s marketing department is on track. And, if history is any indication, they’re quite right. There have been some great products that have failed because of bad marketing; it cannot be stressed enough, marketing is important.

But, truth be told, marketing can be a resource intensive thing, in terms of both time and money.  Most online marketing tends to be done with ads and spending money for SEO, and the like. Some people even go as far as hiring an expert, such as a content marketing consultant, to help with marketing.

Business is, of course, a matter of balancing profit and cost, so here are some methods for cheap, yet effective marketing.

  • Networking. A good way to create traffic for your business is to network. Networking means you connect with as many people as you can; businesses, customers, etc. What matters with networking is not the position of who you’re interacting with, but rather who they are and what they can provide for your business. Knowing as many people as possible gives you many opportunities to come into contact with potential customers and talk about your business; if you’ve got a content marketing consultant using your business as an example, that’s already a big win. Best part of it is that it’s convenient.
  • Partner up. Work with a nearby business to generate traffic for your business. For example, you run a butchery, and there’s a restaurant not far from you. Take advantage of that fact by having them generate advertising for you, whilst you do the same for them. Not only do partnerships build unity in the local community, but since you’re being advertised by someone, people who trust that particular group will be more receptive to you. Good reviews and word of mouth can work wonders.
  • Reviews matter. People’s opinion holds a lot of weight, so making sure that your business is reviewed favorably is a big deal in bringing in customers. What people say about your business is a big, perhaps the biggest and clearest, indicator of what future customers and patrons would expect from you. Ask a customer to write a quick review. This will, at the absolute minimum, let you figure out who would recommend your business (they did go through the trouble of writing a review, after all).
  • Blogging helpful advice for people and helping them without them needing from you isn’t just a marketing tactic, it’s out-and-out a life tactic. Blogging for your company allows you to do several things. Firstly, it informs your customers, allowing them to make smart decisions. Two, it generates a positive opinion of you and your business; people appreciate someone who takes the time to help them. And, finally, it makes your company come across as approachable and customer friendly. All of which means that customers are more open to interacting with your business, which is, obviously what anyone in a business wants.