Landscaping On A Budget

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People spend a lot on their houses, it’s only understandable, after all, home is where the heart is. Or so the old saying goes. The first thing people see when it comes to the home, is the outside; the facade.

Good design isn’t just about the house itself, it’s also about the landscaping. We here at Greenside Landscaping know how much love and attention are needed for the garden. We know how much it can cost. Well, not just us, actually, but anyone’s who’s actually gone and worked on landscaping.

So to help you out, here are some ideas for landscaping on a budget.

  • Give that hose a home.
    • With DIY woodwork being a thing, a simple box with a planter on top and room for a hose in the bottom shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive. Pick the right kind of wood to match the landscape, and voila! You have an item that holds flowers and your hose
  • How’s the focus?
    • Highlight any particular piece or group of plants by encapsulating them with edging. This gives the landscaping a sort of focal point, as the stone edging contrasts with the greenery in the area, and gives the landscaping professional look. If you are working on edging, use some temporary marking spray paint in order to outline the edging design you’re going to work on.
  • Does it berm?
    • When someone from us here at Greenside Landscaping says “Berm”, they are talking about the small mounds that is usually used to create properties or for adding some change in a monotonous yard. Berms are brown, which contrasts but works great with all your properly cared for greenery.
  • Is it linked?
    • Use some wooden paths in order to create some character and connect points of interest in your yard. For the same reason berms are a useful thing, they contrast with the rest of the greenery, and are also useful for guiding people.
  • Lights up!
    • Landscape lighting is not only pretty, but also serves a functional side. See, that’s the big thing for landscaping or any sort of design, actually. The best things are fashionable and functional. Landscaping lighting is pretty and, you know, lights up the area after sunset. Get some lights up on your landscaping.