Know About Patong, The Party Capital Of Thailand

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Patong is a beautiful beach town in Phuket Island. The town is famous for its serene beaches and the pulsating nightlife on the beach. The sleepy town in the day turns into a party mecca by night with a number of go-go bars, cabarets, beer bars, live music bars dotting the neon lit landscape. Throngs of tourists visit Patong from all over the world to enjoy a luxurious beach vacation and the exhilarating nightlife.

Patong is popular for its beach facing luxury resorts. My favourite among these is the 5 star hotel in Patong that offers luxurious services at affordable rates. The luxury 5 star hotel by Sofitel offers the best luxury in town.

The sleepy town of Patong is also home to the largest mall in Phuket Island. The mall has a collection of retail outlets of leading clothing and accessories brands and designers. Apart from the glitzy malls, Patong is also famous for its street shopping. The town has a number of shopping streets where tourists can buy anything from clothing, accessories, electronics, souvenirs etc.

Patong is popular for its beaches. The popular Patong beach is where all the action is. Tourists frequent the long winding beach dotted with swaying palm trees and sun loungers. Tourists can indulge in various adventure activities present at the Patong beach. There are other calm and less crowded beaches in Patong, which are beautiful and calm. The paradise beach in Patong is my personal favourite. I stay at the 5 star hotel Patong and visit the paradise beach for a calm and relax session of sunbathing. The beach has an entrance fee and is less touristy. The beach does not have a lot of vendors and you have to visit the stalls at the back of the beach for a quick meal.

Foodies like me have a lot of options to choose from in the beautiful town. There are a number of high end restaurants serving the fanciest menus and there are roadside food stalls and markets that serve a range of local delicacies as well as international cuisine. The three restaurants at the 5 star hotel in Patong are the best place to have a delicious meal. Enjoy a quiet meal at the rooftop restaurant or sip the choicest cocktails prepared by expert mixologists by the poolside bar, or simply use the room service to get your favourite meal delivered to your room, there are a number of choices to wine and dine at the hotel.