Indian Cuisine For First Timers

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It takes a lot of guts to try something you haven’t tried before and that includes any type of food. If you are expanding your horizon and wanting to try out other cuisines available in the market and around your area then that is good news. There are only some concerns especially for those who are trying out a brand new cuisine for the first time. If you have stayed in your comfort zone your whole life and only tried everything local then it might be a challenge.
The first question that would come to mind would be the dishes you will be ordering. This is an important matter because trying out something that isn’t quite as good as you expected might discourage you to try other dishes and other cuisine for that matter. There are some dishes with surprising ingredients that might make you cringe or spices that might surprise you in a way you haven’t expected. All of these are normal.
This guide is for people who are trying a new cuisine for the first time, particularly Indian cuisine. If you know someone who have tried Indian food before then it is best to go with them or ask their opinion. If you are going alone in this adventure then fear not for this guide will give you some tips on how to order for yourself.
The first dish one should try is the “Samosa”. This are what we commonly termed as pocket food or treats you can bring anywhere with you. For the Indian, this is the most common pocket food and is also known all over the south of Asia. Samosa is pastries that are either fried or baked. They are easily recognized because it is shaped as a triangle. The outer shell is made of flour which is both crispy and flaky while the inside is filled with differed vegetable such as onions, peas and potatoes, among others. It can be spicy or not so ask before ordering. For a first timer, it can be a great choice as an appetizer.
The second in line are chutney and raita. These are considered as dressings or sauce wherein one can dip the samosa but also used in other dishes. Chutney is available in both red and green. The red is made of tamarind which is why it is sweet and sour at the same time. The green is from coriander or mint. Raita is a sauce that is made of yogurt and is helpful when some dishes are too spicy for your taste.
The third but not the last dish you should try is the Saag paneer which will make any first timer love Indian food. It is similar to creamed spinach but with cheese cut into cubes. Aside from spinach, other vegetable are also in the mix. For first timers in Indian cuisine, look up