The Important Role Horses Played In People’s Lives both In The Past And Present

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History of Horses

It is estimated that around 6000 years ago, horses were already domesticated. The first domestication of horses was in central Eurasia. Archeologists uncovered bridles that dated back to 4000 BC. The exploration was conducted in Eastern Europe. Along with the findings were antler cheek-pieces and toggles.

Before, horses were butchered and eaten for their meat. But gradually, man realized the strength horses possessed and its ability to be directed. From being the source of food, horses were used by men to transport goods. The animals were also ridden by men during hunting seasons and were used to carry soldiers and warriors when they engage in battles.

In the year 350 BC, a Greek named Xenophon wrote about horse care, training of horses and health of the animal. What was important about his writing is that it became the basis in choosing horses, managing it and training it.

The medieval period

During the medieval period, horses were used by people to help them in their farm and in riding them during warfare. It was in this period that the horse collar, nailed horse shoe and stirrup were developed. These items are now indispensable to a horse today. The stirrup provides the horse rider increased security and comfort. The nailed horseshoe enabled the horses to travel long distances while the horse collar allowed the horses to pull heavy loads with maximum efficiency.

Horses in today’s world

Today, horses are still a vital part to man’s unique undertakings. Horses endure the scorching heat of the sun and their master’s lashes when they are used to pull carriages in the cities. Horses are also used as a gambling tool for gamblers. With different sporting events involving horses, people give their bets on their favorite horse and rider.

Business in the printing industry has also made use of horses as icon and designs. Take for example which sells My Little Pony pajamas, My Little Pony clothes and My Little Pony hoodies. They came up with the unique idea to make horses as their company logo.

Indeed, through the course of history, horses have always helped man.