How To Make The Thailand Holiday Exciting For Children

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The best family bonding moments are usually experienced when the family takes a holiday. One of the best options for family holidays is child-friendly family resort in Phuket that overlooks the Andaman Sea and pristine white beaches. Parents certainly want some much needed relaxing time while the kids explore the hotel surrounds.

Travelling with children in tow is different from the last holiday that you spent with friends. When there are children, it is important to consider their comfort and entertainment. Children can easily succumb to boredom if there is nothing in place to attract their attention. Always be prepared with the following tips so that the holiday will be an exciting experience for the family.

  • Children will not appreciate a 4-hour layover. Your best option is to get a direct flight even if it means paying a few extra dollars.
  • Choose flight schedules according to the children’s comfort. If possible, time the arrival before the children’s bedtime. It would be difficult for the children to handle if you arrive in Phuket at 2am.
  • After an extremely tiring flight, the children will prefer to relax in the hotel grounds, swimming pool or lounge. Do not schedule a trip to the shopping mall the day after you arrive; allow the children to regain their energy and interest to explore.
  • Allow for a few days of adjustment. The weather in Thailand might be different to what your children are accustomed to.
  • Schedule only 1 big activity daily and allow the children to relax in the afternoon. Make sure to plan the exploration in the morning and leave the afternoon for rest.
  • Save the shopping trip for the last day of your vacation or when the kids have adjusted to the temperature and culture. This will prevent a frustrating experience for the family.

If you are staying in a family resort in Phuket, you can expect special assistance from the staff. Thais are great with kids and they can be trusted to look after the children if you want to enjoy some relaxing moments at the spa. Since there are gaming rooms available, you can ask a staff to supervise them.