How To Avoid The Nightmare Of Frozen Pipes

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Most plumbing emergencies occur during wintertime from frozen pipes to boiler failure. Once the temperature drops below freezing point, your outdoor pipes including those in the attic and crawl spaces are at risk of freezing. When this happens, excessive pressure builds inside the pipes particularly when the faucet is turned off. Yes, your mom was right after all when she advised letting the faucet drip when the temperature gets too low.

However, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. You can always prevent your outdoor pipes from freezing by wrapping them with insulation. Foam insulation can be installed on pipes that are exposed to the elements and cold drafts. Aside from avoiding the costly damages if the frozen pipes burst, you can also reduce heat loss and increase the delivered water temperature by 4 degrees.

What will you do if the pipes have frozen?

It makes sense to keep the faucet open. When the frozen area melts, running water will hasten the process. Never ever use a device with an open flame to thaw the frozen pipe otherwise; you are in for more trouble. If you want to thaw the frozen portion of the pipe, use an electric heating pad or an electric blow dryer that you usually use on your hair. You can also use a towel that has been dipped in hot water. Wrap it around the frozen area repeatedly until full water pressure is restored.

However, thawing is not as easy as you think that is why there is an option of calling a plumber. Your water heater can also be checked before it breaks down leaving you without warm water. There are telltale signals that your water heater may not be able to withstand the additional pressure during wintertime.

You can always count of the prompt response of Richards Plumbing Services when you have plumbing and heating concerns. To avoid plumbing emergencies and unnecessary repair bills, prepare your home prior to winter. Have your plumbing and heating system checked by expert plumbers who can deal with the issues to allow you a comfortable and warm winter.