How The Stars Wars Series Inspired Artists

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Star Wars and its characters are used as inspiration by artists in their artworks but how about George Lucas who created the iconic film? Where did George Lucas gain the idea for the film, the characters and the alien invaders?

According to George Lucas, he drew inspiration from sci-fi comic books like Flash Gordon. The filmmaker’s imagination was also sparked by works of artists like landscape painter N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell , the all-American illustrator. These artists gave Lucas the inspiration for the expansive world inhabited by Luke Skywalker and his companions.

George Lucas writes in his introduction to Star Wars Art: Visions that every artist he admired has contributed in one way or another in shaping the vision he expressed in the Stars Wars saga. Lucas and executive director J.W. Rinzler encouraged artists to produce Stars Wars-inspired art to be showcased in the book.

According to Rinzler, the first thing that George Lucas asked from him was to checkout “Heavy Metal” magazine because he wanted the top illustrators and people involved in fine art including guys who were into Western art. George Lucas also showed interest for people who made paintings about history and aviation including NASCAR Formula One racing cars.

Book illustrator Scott M. Fischer considered the costumes of the stormtroopers as the coolest in the Stars Wars galaxy. He remembered having a plastic costume inspired by the stormtroopers back in the 70’s. Since a stormtrooper certainly needs a partner, the idea for Fem Tropper came into existence. A perfect Stars Wars subject will be the stormtropper armour that is wrapped around the sensuality of the female form.

Figure painter Paul G. Oxborough recalls that his first piece of painting expresses his affection for the Star Wars films. He allows the viewer to feel that the painting is one of George Lucas’ visions.

Star Wars Art can now be printed on canvas to be used as décor for the home. Once the image of your favourite Stars Wars character is printed on canvas, it is stretched or gallery-wrapped on a frame. To ensure a unique décor you can have the canvas prints customized using your Star Wars themes.