Holiday In Thailand Can Either Be Cheap Or Luxurious

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If you want to enjoy a holiday on budget, the best place to go to is Thailand where you get the most value from your dollar. Thailand is a country where you can find $3 dollars a night rooms and eat street food for pennies. However, when you travel with family or friends for a limited time frame there is a big difference depending on how long you choose to stay in the country and how you spend the holiday.

When it is a brief vacation, you tend to hurry so that you can visit as many tourist attractions are possible. This can easily drive up the costs of your holiday. It is easier to budget for an average amount of expenses for a month instead of a week or two. Your holiday expenses can also be affected by how much booze you want to consume in the bars and whether you prefer to stay on a nice beach resort or a budget accommodation in Bangkok.

When time is limited, you want to travel faster. You take a plane to the islands instead of the public trains that are plying the route. You over indulge yourself in well-known restaurants because you do not have the time to try the floating markets or street food. You miss out on the fun eating traditional Thai food because there was a crowd at the food stalls and you want something that is quick and convenient.

Making your money last is no longer an issue because you want to cram as many activities as possible in a day. Instead of shopping at the Pratunam District that is known for cheap items, you shop at the mall that is filled with everything that is fashionable and expensive.

If you are a budget traveller, you can take the train and avoid the expensive restaurants. You can opt to stay at a budget accommodation in Bangkok instead of the classy and luxurious resort hotels. The budget hotel offers guests good value at a price that will surprise even the most price-conscious tourist or business traveller. It is just a heartbeat away from the popular destinations in Bangkok.