Guide To Tipping Aboard Yacht Charter

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It is a custom for guests to tip the crew who have served them onboard the charter yachts when the trip comes to an end. Some charter guests might feel awkward when it comes to the process while some don’t know how it should be done and how much they should tip. Back in 2008, the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association or MYBA published a guideline with regards to crew gratuities while staying on yacht charters.

The guideline which is followed internationally is a good way to neutralize the difference when it comes to regional customs in tipping. It is also a way for the all the staff and people involved in the charter process to operate in harmony including the booking guests, captains, crew, brokers, owners and charter managers.

The guideline documents indicate that a certain standard should be followed when it comes to the industry.

  • The gratuity should be in the range of between 5 to 15 per cent.
  • The tip should be calculated according to the base rate that is charged by the charter.
  • The Captain should be the one distributing the gratuity.
  • There should be no solicitations either in written or verbal form.
  • The gratuity of the guest still depends on their own discretion.
  • The charter guests have the option to pay cash gratuities.
  • The charter company has the authority to distribute the gratuities received during the trip.

There are different ways by which the guest might pay the gratuity to the crew.

  • The guest can tip in the form of cash and give it to the captain before the trip ends.
  • The charterer has the authority to examine their account statement coming from the captain when the charter ends and this includes the outstanding expenses. Part of the balance allotted for advance provisioning allowance may be given to gratuities.
  • The charter guest can also wait until such time that the charter account has been finalized and then decide on the gratuities depending on the level of customer satisfaction they have experienced during the yacht charter in Phuket. The charter manager then has the task to take a percentage depending on the base rate and this is what will be disbursed to the crew as tips.