The Golf Tourism – Scores Of World-Class And Delightful Golf Clubs And Golf Courses Around Bangkok

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One of Thailand’s tourism branch is the Golf Tourism, which, as the name implies, capitalizes on their world-class golf courses and targets golf enthusiasts around the world. They have been successful with this feat so far, as just one of the private golf tours operating in Asia said that Thailand has been one of its most popular destinations, having been able to send 10,000 golf tourists to Thailand per year. Any given Bangkok golf course offer high-level of service with competitive price, a true value for money.

Bangkok is now a major hub for golf activities both local and international, making it a perfect balance of city and leisure activities. The facilities are world-class complete with elegant clubhouse amenities and courses that are both challenging and outstandingly scenic. The staff is professional and knowledgeable about the Golf industry, offering exactly and expertly just what this special market needs. There isn’t a single Bangkok golf course yet that fell off of world standards.

There are scores of golf courses in and around Bangkok. The golf course itself is a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok City proper, but for a more relaxing experience, its next-door neighbouring city Nathon Pathom is worth checking. Only an hour drive from Bangkok and the city itself is nestled with its own distinct scenery of plantations, orchard, and farmlands. The beach cities of Thailand has also nestled fine Golf Courses and Golf Clubs making it practically everywhere in the country.

The Golf Tourism industry ensures that their golfer tourist-visitors get an all-inclusive golf and distinctive Thailand experience. After a long day at the course, golfers can experience Thai cuisine prepared exquisitely. Before retiring to bed, they can opt to take part of the nightlife in Bangkok that is also worth experiencing. And since a golf course is always not far away from you, you can resume to your golf itinerary anytime. These golf courses may also hold functions and events, giving off an elegant outdoor ambiance. They may cater to small or large groups depending on the need, making this branch also an important member of MICE or the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions Industry in Thailand.