The Five C’s Of White Gold Vs. Platinum

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So, consider these 5 c’s of white gold versus platinum.

Aside from considering the 4 c’s of diamonds – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight – there are many people asking if a diamond should be set in white gold or platinum.

Colour and Care

For a white gold to get its silvery white colour, it is mixed with yellow gold, or alloyed with other white metal/s like silver or nickel. Therefore, this means there is no “pure white gold.” Sometimes, it has a rhodium coating for a shinier and whiter finish. It must be re-dipped every several years in order to retain its shine and colour, and to replace the rhodium plating; or it is going to revert back to yellow gold. Many jewellers offer this service free of charge.

Platinum has that natural greyish white colour. For it to be purchased, it needs to have a minimum of 90% to 95% platinum; otherwise, it is just regarded as platinum alloy. The colour of platinum doesn’t fade over time. However, the shiny finish is going to dull. It can be shined professionally, too, like white gold.


The huge benefit of white gold in comparison to platinum is its cost. Platinum is rarer, and it is mined lesser than gold. In each year, only 160 tons are mined compared 1,500 tons for gold. Platinum is also denser compared to gold, which means a ring is going to weigh more in platinum. It is easier to understand that white gold setting is half as much as platinum.


Many of the white gold engagement rings come in 18K or 14K versions. The former is 75% pure gold, while the latter is 58.3% pure gold. When the carat amount is higher, the gold content is purer. However, this also means the metal is less durable. Gold at 24K is too soft for mounting jewellery. It needs to be alloyed with some other metal to harden it.

Platinum is durable, stronger and heavier compared to gold. Aside from it affecting price, one should consider if they want a heavier or lighter ring.


Gold symbolizes divinity, wisdom and wealth. Aside from this, it is the traditional metal used in engagement and wedding bands. Since this doesn’t tarnish through time, it symbolizes the eternal vows among a couple.

However, platinum is now becoming a new symbol of prestige and wealth.


In sum, whether it be white gold engagement rings or platinum engagement rings, this is still a matter of personal taste. Hopefully, the information above helps with the decision.