Fishy Food: Bangkok’s Seafood Stops

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With so much water surrounding the country, you might think that finding good seafood in Thailand would be easy. It is. So if you’re looking for a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your meal.

But of course, with so many options, some people can’t decide. What do they call that problem? Paralysis of choice, or something like that. But I digress, the important thing is when you sit down for your seafood, you get the best.

So here are some good suggestions for some good Bangkok seafood.

  • Bangkok Seaview (Sahakon, Pak Kret District Nontahbur +66 408-02 4008)
    • The Bangkok Seaview offers its guests a unique dining experience. In order to get in, you go to the restaurant’s pier. Yes, pier. A boat will come every half or so to take you and other guests to the Seaview restaurant itself, 15 minutes away. On the way, the guests are treated to the scenic view. When you get to the restaurant, you eat right next to the water. The dishes here are meant for groups of people, with huge portions. The Bangkok Seaview is open every day except Monday, from 11AM to 7PM, whilst guests are welcome to stay and dine until 9.
  • Chinatown
    • Chinatown sure doesn’t have a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, but what it does have is authentic, traditional Thai seafood experience. Once you’ve got your meal in mind set, you buy it, then you can cook it yourself. Or, have a vendor cook it for you, your choice. Chinatown needs little, and offers little in the way of aesthetics and presentation. It just has good food.
  • Laemgate Infinite (Laemgate, SJ Infinite One Business Complex Rd, near MRT Exit 2
    • The Laemgate Infinite has been one of the places to visit for luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok for over 30 years now, and has just recently relocated to the SJ Infinite Tower’s 2nd floor. The restaurant offers a unique experience, with a bold theme that changes every six months, with the current theme being ‘Dancing Ocean’ featuring white flowers and verdant foliage contrasting with heavy red accents on the restaurant’s furniture. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, with buffet pricing starting at Bt 666.