Finding Out Which Type Of Yoga Is Best Suited For You

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When people plan to engage in yoga in Thailand, the first thing to come into their minds is where to practice it. But that thought should only come in second because the place wouldn’t matter if you do not know which type of yoga is best suited for you. You may want to practice yoga in Thailand but that would all depend on which type of yoga you are best suited for and where you can find an asana for that certain type.

With the many different forms of yoga today, sometimes it would be difficult to determine which type suits you best. Here is quick explanation on the five different types of yoga that people can practice.


Hatha yoga is defined as the slow-paced and gentle yoga that mainly focuses on breathing and meditation. It is considered as the basic yoga and is perfect for beginners because it introduces the basic poses and relaxation techniques.

The benefits of Hatha yoga are stress relief, improved breathing and physical exercise.


Vinyasa yoga is very similar to Hatha because they both introduce basic poses but it mainly focuses on the Sun Salutation and the series of 12 poses wherein the breathing is matched with the movement.

Its purpose is to primarily build lean muscles in the body and make a link between the movements and the breathing. Vinyasa is great for beginners and advanced yogis alike as long as they seek to strengthen their bodies.



Ashtanga is a power yoga that focuses on eight limbs. It is fast paced and with lunges that are huge as well as pushups. This yoga mainly aims to improve a person’s spirituality. It can help relieve stress, improve coordination and weight loss. It is perfect for people with a fit body who wish to maintain their strength and stamina as well as getting in touch with their spiritual self.



This type of yoga focuses on the eight aspects of the Ashtanga and mainly focuses on body alignment. This yoga uses many props like blankets, straps and blocks to help strengthen the body. There is an emphasis on standing poses which will be held for long periods of time. This yoga type is good for beginners who want to focus on body alignment.



Also known as hot yoga, Bikram is mainly practiced in a 95-100 degree room. It has a series of 26 poses which is mainly intended for loosening tight muscles and for sweating. Its main purpose is to flush out toxins and to have the muscles deeply stretched. Bikram can help speed up a recovery from an injury, enhance flexibility and cleanse the body.

It is good for beginners and advanced yogis.